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Top 10 Cities in Canada for IT Professionals

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 07, Jun 2021

Top 10 Cities in Canada for IT Professionals The IT or Information Technology is one sector that has always remained in the list of top booming sectors in last few decades.The tech industry is not only expanding in terms of the internal advancements, but also in terms of geographical boundaries. The countries, which were popular as the IT hub, continues to maintain their status, while new players have also emerged as the new IT bosses in the recent past.

For instance, the growing IT industries in Canada continues to shape up in cities from East to West and luring talent from all over the world. Here are the top 10 Canadian cities for IT professionals:

  1. Toronto, Ontario
Toronto is the number 1 city of Canada for Tech workers with most IT companies located here.As per an estimate, more than 200,000 tech workers in the maple leaf country are based out of Toronto. The tech industry in this city is flourishing and hence there is no shortage of new tech jobs in Toronto with a tremendous revenue growth rise every year.

  1. Waterloo, Ontario
Waterloo is a fast growing technology hub. It is a small centre of robust tech companies that offers high-paying jobs to the new IT workers.It is affordable accusation and quality of life; small tech city like this is a magnet for the newcomers. It suits more to new immigrants than more expensive cities in the country.

  1. Vancouver, BC
In the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver is the city that stands apart from the archi type. With just around 70-80K tech workers already working in the city, it is next upcoming IT centre, with big tech names, such as, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon planning expansions here. Like Toronto, Vancouver too has registered outstanding IT growth in last few years.

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  1. Montreal, Quebec
Montreal has around 100,000 tech workers in the city. Many IT firms find it a perfect location for their business and operations. The city unveils an business spirit, lures foreign talent, and has many companies at the forefront of foreign technology innovation.

  1. Hamilton, Ontario
Moderate in size with less than 30,000 techies, however, it has registered tremendous growth over the years. Some predict that there are brands looking to leave the high rental rates of big cities for its outskirts. Therefore, if you are an IT graduate looking to start or join a new company, the Hamilton is right there in the list of top cities.

  1. Oshawa, Ontario
It is one of Canada's fastest growing small tech hubs, with a growth rate covering even the top IT hubs of the maple leaf country. Though Oshawa only has limited number of tech companies, its affordability and proximity to Toronto makes it is an obvious choice for the techies.

  1. Calgary, Alberta
There are cities highly underrated. Calgary though only has under 40,000 workers in the city limits not an amazing growth rate; it is not clear what keeps the IT groups interested in the city.

  1. Ottawa, Ontario
It is popular as a 'government city' of Canada.In last few years, Ottawa has seen many tech companies finding their feed and growing. It is also an employment hub as almost 1 in every 10 Ottawa professionals are in Tech sector - one of the highest averages in the country.

  1. Edmonton, Alberta
With a powerful IT sector, there are nearly 30,000 tech workers,which continue to grow. The competition between Edmonton and Calgary may harm both the cities in long run;as they both often try to lure the same talent.

  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba
It is a quiet and isolated city, with less population than others in the list are. Having said the same, Winnipeg's IT industry has grown faster than the top cities in last few years. Amazon has recently opened an office in this city. It is an ideal place especially for the fresh IT talent.

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