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Portugal Job Seeker Visa from India

Portugal is a beautiful country located on the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe. It is a fantastic place to live, work or settle permanently. The Portuguese government has now opened its doors for the aspirants in India, looking to work in Portugal. Hence, if you wish to work in Portugal, you can now apply for Portugal Job seeker visa from India.

What is Portugal job seeker visa?

The government of Portugal first announced this visa in June 2022 in view of ongoing skill shortage in the country.

The Portugal job seeker visa makes the visa holder eligible to enter and stay in Portugal only to find job in Portugal; allows him/her to carry out a subordinated work activity, until the visa expires or until the residence permit is granted. Portugal grants Job Seeker Visa for a period of 120 days, renewable for another 60 days and allows only one entry into Portugal.

Key Features of Portugal Job seeker Visa

  • Job search visa only- This visa is only for searching a job, so once you find a job you would need to switch to Portugal work visa or work permit
  • Who can apply- Applicants (meeting the conditions) from any part of the world can apply for this visa
  • Validity- This Job Seeker Visa is initially granted for a period of 120 days (4 Months)
  • Renewable- It is renewable for another 60 days (2 months) and allows only one entry into Portugal.

What are the key documents required for Portugal Job Seeker visa?

Find below the list of general documents required:

  • National Visa application filled and duly signed by applicant;
  • Passport or other travel document, valid for 3 months after the estimated date of return. Photocopy of passport (biographical data); 
  • 2 Photos, even, passport type, recent and in good condition to identify the applicant (1 for this form);
  • Proof of regular situation in case of residence in a country other than the country of current nationality;
  • Request for criminal record enquiry by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) (Not applicable to minors under the age of sixteen);
  • Criminal record certificate, issued by the competent authority of the country of the applicant’s nationality or of the country where the applicant has resided for over a year (except for applicants under sixteen), with the Hague Apostille (If applicable) or legalised;
  • Valid travel insurance, covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  • Transport document - Roundtrip flight reservation showing date of departure and date of return; 
  • Proof of financial resources equivalent to at least the sum of three-guaranteed monthly minimum salary.

(Note: Proof of the financial resources can be waived by authorities upon receiving a term of responsibility signed by a Portuguese national or a foreign citizen, with a lawful residence authorization in Portugal, which promises food and accommodation for the visa applicant, as well as the repatriation costs, in case of irregular stay.)

The signatory of the responsibility term must also prove to have financial capability in the amount of, minimum, 3 times the value of the guaranteed minimum monthly salary (€705).


  • Declaration with indication of the conditions for the estimated stay.
  • Proof of presentation of a declaration of expression of interest for enrolment in the IEFP (EN)/ (PT) / (FR) / (ES). 

Well, if you wish to apply for job seeker visa from India, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue- one of the best Visa Consultants in India for overseas immigration.

Why this Job seeker visa launched?

As per a report shared by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Portugal is facing a huge labour shortage, as 85,000 travel and tourism jobs across the nation will remain vacant by the end of 2022. Moreover, the nation is anticipated to create about 193,000 jobs in the next decade in an order to enhance the recovery of country’s economy, which was moderately hurt due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key aspects- Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Find below the key aspects associated with this particular visa:

  • The issuance of this visa assumes the acknowledgement of a date of scheduling in the competent services, within the period of validity of 120 days of the visa, and it allows the candidates, after the formalization of the job contract throughout that period, the right to apply for a residence permit. To do so, one need to fulfil the general conditions for granting a temporary residence permit, under the terms of article 77 of the Law.
  • Once the maximum validity limit of the visa for looking for job has expired, without a job relationship established nor the process of requesting the granting of a residence permit started, the visa holder must leave Portugal.
  • Under these circumstances, you can only re-apply for a new visa application for this purpose, one year after the expiry of the earlier visa's validity. 
  • Submit request for a visa extension as a job seeker visa holder along with proof of registration with the IEFP, I.P., and a declaration by the applicant showing that the conditions of the planned stay are maintained, which will be evaluated considering the reasons that justified its issuance.

To know more and apply for Portugal Job Seeker visa this year, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue trusted Immigration Advisor on Toll-Free-Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, you can drop us an e-mail at

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