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  • case-iconCase Study and Analysis
    We at Visas Avenue follow a stepwise approach or analysis, whenever a client contact us for Immigration Assistance. This includes a step wise review of client profile, Demographics, Resume, Visa Type (i.e. Working visa, Study Visa, Tourist Visa, Permanent Reidency and so on), area of interest, study of Desired immigration Destination by the client and its eligibility conditions.
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  • pre-iconPre Assessment
    This particular phase is quite critical and fundamental in terms of increasing your chances of getting the Visa Approval in a hassle free manner. The immigration department of every country has set a few eligibility conditions for worldwide immigration applicants in terms of applicant’s Educational Qualifications, Experience, Age, Economic position, etc.
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  • form-iconForm Filling
    A relatively new Visa Applicant often finds the immigration terms and instructions quite complex and confusing. This ultimately leads to errors in filling up the form and incomplete documentation resulting in the denial of the same.
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  • doc-iconDocumentation Assistance
    Being relatively new to immigration procedure and formalities, it’s quite possible that a Visa Applicant finds himself unable to understand the complex instructions, process flow, and documentation required for Visa Application. This may lead to either delay in the whole procedure or the rejection of your application, as the countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark…..
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  • lette-iconLetter Drafting
    Drafting a professional letter requires top level of knowledge and understanding of a few vital things, i.e. Grammatically correct Sentences, proper Salutation, crisp and clear language and phrases, and proper sequencing of relevant facts and information.
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  • inter-iconInternational Admissions
    The students seeking admission in the universities or institutions abroad often lack the necessary help and guidance about the Educational Methods, opportunities, and information. This leads to the dilemma and confusion while they are applying for Visa and also post landing.
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  • appli-iconVisa Applications
    Applying for the Visa to the Immigration Hotspot countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, South Africa etc. is a complex and multi-step procedure. An Applicant has to deal with various aspects to make sure that a complete and error-free Visa Application has been filed.
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  • resume-iconResume Rebuilding
    A Resume play a key role for a professional to get an employment in a good organization. Your Resume needs to be relevant, highlight your experience and qualification in an attractive way and must be appealing to the employers in the industry. However, if you have been recently migrated to a new country, a relevant and appealing resume becomes even more critical.
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  • lang-iconLanguage Coaching
    Many countries have the points based immigration system, wherein they provide higher points based on your proficiency in the given language. For example, English is an international language that is preferred by most of the countries, so your proficiency in this language shall surely enhance your points.
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  • refu-iconRefusal Case Analysis and Refiling
    Due to the limited knowledge and unawareness of the candidates there Visa Applications often get rejected by the concerned Immigration Authorities. In such a scenario, the applicant feels highly disappointed and helpless.  The time factor is crucial for a Visa Applicant and such delay or rejection, sometimes hurt badly to a Immigration Applicant.
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