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Canada Startup Visa from India

If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative business idea and a desire to move to Canada permanently, you may qualify to apply for the Canada startup visa program.

Canada is always on the lookout for talented and experienced entrepreneurs who are willing to start businesses in Canada, which in turn help stimulate the Canadian economy by creating more employment opportunities.

What is startup visa Canada?

The startup visa program offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to establish a new business in Canada. To qualify, an immigrant entrepreneur must have an innovative business idea to create more jobs for Canadians.

Top Reasons for Immense Popularity of Canada Startup Visa Program

  • It's a permanent visa that allows you and your family to live and work in Canada permanently
  • Up to 5 people can apply for PR via the Start-up Visa Program as owners of a single business
  • No net worth threshold or minimal investment funds required
  • You get investment support from more than one designated organization
  • Only a basic level of English proficiency is required (i.e. CLB 5)
  • No age threshold
  • Qualification and process to apply are simple and straightforward
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship after spending enough time on a PR visa.
  • No minimum educational qualification is required only Business/Senior Management Experience required
  • Even if the business fails, permanent resident status won’t be affected
  • Get a temporary work permit in Canada and start building your business while the application is under processing

Eligibility Criteria for Canada start-up visa program

There are four essential startup visa Canada requirements you must meet to apply for Canadian startup visa from India:

  • Business or Professional Experience
    • You are innovative, and you must have a new business idea for Canada
    • It is preferable that you have some business or professional experience to support PR application.
  • Meet the language requirements
    • Make sure you can communicate & work in English/ French.
    • Obtain a language test from an approved agency and meet the minimum level of the CLB 5 in either English or French in all of four language abilities
  • Submit a Letter of Support
    • Connect with designated organization to find out how to get its support.
    • Assure the organization that your business idea is worth supporting
    • Obtain a letter of support from the designated organization
  • Proof of funds to settle in Canada
    • Provide proof that you have the enough money to support yourself and your dependants upon arriving in Canada.
    • You cannot borrow this money from anyone else.
    • The amount of settlement funds depends on the family size.

Designated organizations for the Canada startup visa program

To be eligible for this visa program, applicants must submit a Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate with their startup visa application. These documents will include the essential details of the arrangement to prove that a designated authority supports the business.

However, unlike provincial and federal investor programs in Canada, where candidates are required to invest their capital, no investment of your funds is necessary for startup visa Canada.

Key designated organizations for Startup Visa Canada

A business idea or venture must be supported by one or more of the following designated organizations:

  • Venture capital funds
  • Angel investor groups
  • Business incubators

Candidates who meet the startup visa Canada requirements must secure:

  • At least $75,000 from an angel investor in Canada, or
  • At least $200,000 from a Canadian government recognized venture capital fund in Canada

However, if the candidate is accepted into Canada’s recognized business incubator, there is no need for investment capital.

How to apply for a Canada startup visa?

To apply for a Canadian startup visa, you may follow the below listed stepwise process:

Step 1- Business Idea & Experience

You need to have an innovative business idea ready. Moreover, it is preferable that you have some business or professional experience to support your PR application.

Step 2: Language Proficiency

Get a language test result from an approved testing agency, such as IELTS, with a minimum CLB 5 in English /French.

Step 3: Language Proficiency

Get a language test result from an approved testing agency, such as IELTS, with a minimum CLB 5 in English /French.

Step 4: Enough funds

Provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents upon arriving in Canada.

Step 5- Submit Visa Application

Fill, sign and submit the Visa application form and all the required documents.

Canadian Work Permit for Start-Up Visa applicants

Those foreign nationals who have received their Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate from a designated entity may apply for short-term work permit under Canada’s International Mobility Program.

To qualify for a work permit, you must have a support from a designated entity, pay the employer compliance fee, and have sufficient funds to meet the cut off criteria of low income for your family for at least 52 weeks.

Also, before submitting your work permit application, you must provide a ‘self-employed’ offer of employment, along with an employer compliance fee payment receipt of $230.

What is the Canada startup visa processing time?

The current processing time for the Canadian startup visa program is approximately 12 to 16 months.

This processing time also includes the time taken in giving biometrics, as the authorities may ask the candidate to provide their biometrics along with their applications.

How can Visas Avenue assist you with the Canadian immigration process?

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, Visas Avenue can assist you in applying for a Canada PR visa. Complete our free assessment form for business immigration to Canada, and one of our associates will assess your eligibility and connect with you to discuss the best Canadian immigration options.

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