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Australia Study

Australia is a developed nation with thorough facilities, advanced technology, visionary leadership, excellent education system, and favorable Government Policies. Hence, it’s an ideal hotspot for immigrants interested in coming on Student Visa in this part of the world. Australia has one of the best Education Systems in the world. There are various reasons as to why Australia is favorite destination for students to study, live, and work. 

 Why Australia is hotspot destination for Overseas Students?

Australia attracts huge number of students from all parts of the world, who come to enroll themselves in various degree courses available in the top universities of the world in Australia.

  • Australia has World Class Education System
  • It offers a variety of courses and subjects to students of different streams
  • Australia has got a streamlined Visa Processing for Students
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides medical and hospital insurance for students
  • There is a website entitled Study in Australia, which provides information for international students studying and living in Australia, including scholarship programs and other international student matters..
  • The students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session, and unlimited hours when your course is not in session.
  • It gives an option for the students to become economically independent during their period of study in Australia.
  • Australia is considered as third largest destination for international students with 22000 courses and 1100 institutions.
  • Australian universities fall in top 50 universities of the world in Arts and humanities, clinical, pre-clinical & health, Engineering & technology, life sciences, physical sciences and social sciences.
  • Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity – all important elements for students when choosing the best study destination.

There are many categories to choose from depending upon the course you choose from. Such as:-

  1. 570 - Independent ELICOS Sector
  2. 571 - Schools Sector
  3. 572 - Vocational Education and Training Sector
  4. 573 - Higher Education Sector
  5. 574 - Postgraduate Research Sector
  6. 575 - Non Award Sector
  7. 576 – Aus. AID or Defence Sector
  8. 402 - Training and Research
  9. 580-Student Guardian Visa

Streamlined Student Visa Processing for International Students

The streamlined visa processing is designed for international students applying to study in Australia at a participating education provider. The eligible students from the participating education provider, under this program are not assigned an assessment level. Apart from this if you are eligible for the Streamlined Visa Processing; you will be having reduced evidentiary requirements, like the applicants that apply under Assessment Level 1, irrespective of your origin or the country.

Eligibility Conditions for Streamlined Student Visa Processing

You would require fulfilling all of the below requirements to be eligible for streamlined visa processing:

  • You must have a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) with an education provider who is participating in the Streamlined Visa processing program for:
    • Advanced diploma
    • Bachelor degree
    • Masters degree
    • Doctoral degree
    • Non-award university student exchange program
    • Non-award study abroad program. 
  •  All your preliminary courses must be at an education provider participating in the streamlined visa processing arrangements or his educational business partner, if you enroll in a package of course.

Find below the visa fees for Student Visa (Subclass 500):

Product Quantity Price
Subclass 500 Student Visa 1 630.00
Additional Applicant Charge 18+ 1 470.00

Note: The visa fees given above is subject to change and revision periodically. Hence, for any clarification about the fees or to confirm the latest/updated visa fees, you may contact Visas Avenue immigration expert.

Who all are not eligible?

You are not eligible for streamlined visa processing, in case you are sponsored by any of the following:

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or
  • The Australian Department of Defense on a Foreign Affairs or
  • Defense Sector visa (subclass 576)

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goal in Australia?

We at Visas Avenue have a team of highly experienced student visa consultants to guide you for all student visa services including career planning, course and University selection, loan assistance and visa processing. Click on our free assessment section to know which visa suits you most to meet long term goals and better future, which determines their future possibilities for permanent visas.

List Of Colleges and Universities Represented by Us:-

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Central Queensland University
  • Federation University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University Of Adelaide
  • Anterbury Educational Group, Brisbane
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, Brisbane
  • SCBIT, Sydney
  • Carrick Institute of Education, Mel, Sydney
  • Academia International, Melbourne
  • Hales Institute, Melbourne
  • Shafston Institute of Technology, Brisbane
  • Cambridge International College, Mel, Adelaide
  • Stott‘s College, Melbourne
  • Australian Online Institute, Melbourne
  • ANIBT, Melbourne
  • Sydney International College, Sydney
  • Cambridge College International, Sydney
  • MITH, Melbourne
  • Menzies Institute, Melbourne
  • Vital College, Melbourne
  • Brisbane School of Hair Dressing, Brisbane
  • Gold Coast Institute of Tafe, Queens land
  • Sheila Baxter, Melbourne
  • Australian National Airline College, Melbourne
  • Mercury College, Sydney
  • LLOYDS College, Sydney
  • Canterbury Education Group, Sydney
  • Metro college, Melbourne
  • AMI, Melbourne
  • Perth Institute, Perth
  • ETI Tafe – Perth
  • Cambridge International College, Perth International College of Queensland, Queensland
  • Gordon Institute of Tafe, Melbourne
  • Gold Coast Institute of Tafe, Queens land
  • Global College, Sydney
  • La Mart College, Sydney
  • Ashmark Institute, Melbourne
  • Hales Institute, Melbourne
  • Charles Strut University
  • Melbourne Education Group Pty. Ltd, Melbourne
  • Illawara Business College, Sydney
  • Matters in Gray Training, Queenland
  • Satellite College, Queensland
  • Adelaide Pacific International College, Adelaide
  • Durban International College, Adelaide
  • Adelaide Institute of Mgmt & Technology Adelaide
  • Kings International College, Gold Coast
  • KAPS Institute of Management, Melbourne
  • Cambridge International College, Perth
  • Metro College of Technology, Brisbane
  • Kingston international College, Perth
  • Zarah institute of Education, Melbourne
  • Global Village English Centers, Brisbane,  Noosa Melbourne International College, Melbourne Mackintosh international college, Gold Coast
  • SA Adelaide Language Center, Adelaide
  • South Pacific International College
  • Hays International College
  • Australian College of Catering & Management
  • Oxford College Sydney
  • National Academy of Further Education & Training
  • South Pacific Institute
  • Unique International College
  • Acumen Institute of Further Education
  • Venus Hairdressing College
  • College of Australian Training Pty Ltd
  • Australian pacific College
  • Imperial College of Technology & Management Cairns Business College
  • Queens Academic Group
  • MEEE Australia
  • Ozford College Melbourne
  • Sheffield College of Technology
  • Australian Institute of Further Academics Australian Academy of Management & Science
  • Tintern College, Melbourne

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