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New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, especially in the province of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is for you. The NBPNP operates in coordination with the Government of Canada or IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Canadian Immigration Officers will check and review the New Brunswick PNP applications, and subsequently, the authorities will select or reject the application based on pre-decided parameters. You must fill and submit the application with complete care and attention. The application of the candidates applying under this program are restricted to one application every two years. However, those who do not qualify will still have the option of applying under federal Canadian Immigration Programs.

What is The Essence of NBPNP Program?

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is an economic program, i.e. it nominates the immigrants from different parts of the world such as skilled workers and businesspersons, as per the Canadian Immigration Law to live and work in the New Brunswick province and add to the local economy significantly. Moreover, the shortage of workers with the required skills and experience was also one reason for the induction of this program. It gives liberty to the employers to invite the applicants with desired skill and experience from outside Canada.

How to Apply for NBPNP?

The interested applicants need to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) to the NBPNP. The applicant must include his Educational Credential Assessment result; work Experience and Language Test Score in the EOI. The Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream is relatively new, and hence, the candidates with the highest rank receive the invitation in this program.

Overview of the Selection Criteria

The PNP will review your Provincial Nominee Application on the bases of Eligibility Criteria and other selection factors. However, the NB will prefer the applicants with an ability to become economically strong and established in the New Brunswick Province.

Different Categories under New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Below are the categories of NBPNP Program:

⇒Express Entry Labour Market Stream: This particular stream aims to take care of the New Brunswick's labour market and demographic needs through Federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

⇒Skilled Worker Applicants with Family Support: This particular category shall assist the applicants immigrating to a New Brunswick community where they will have the family support. However, both applicant and the supporting family member must meet the required criteria. This program targets to promote family values.

⇒Skilled worker Applicants with Employer Support

This category is for the applicants who have a full-time job offer from New Brunswick Province's employer. This category encourages the employer to hire the candidates with the skill and experience needed urgently in the province.

⇒Business Applicants

This New Brunswick PNP Business category has been inducted for the applicants interested in live and run a business in the New Brunswick Province. Such applicants must have a personal net worth of CAD$300,000 and must submit the business plan to the Canadian Government.

The Eligibility Conditions for Different NBPNP Programs

⇒Express Entry Labour Market Stream: The NBPNP has launched and developed this EOI (Expression of Interest) based stream to fulfil the demands and needs regarding the skill and experience of the NBPNP. The interested applicants have to submit the EOI to New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program that in turn assess the same based on the following criteria:

  • Highest score
  • Evidence of training and experience in a high priority sector as determined by the province;
  • Demonstrated ability to become economically established in the province; and
  • The likelihood of positively contributing to the provincial labour
  • Age, Language proficiency in English or French, level of education, work experience etc.
  • Whether or not the candidate has an arranged employment offer in an occupation that falls under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level 0, A or B, and adaptability.

You need to provide the documents as proof of the mentioned ability factors, i.e. Language Test Scores and Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) result. The candidates with the highest score will get an invitation by an e-mail. The selected candidates' applications will be processed as per the Federal Government's Express Entry Electronic Management System, i.e. within six months of receipt of the complete applications. Moreover, the applicants also need to fulfil the below criteria:

  • All eligibility criteria and selection factors for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (obtaining at least 67 points out of 100);
  • Provincial criteria, including age (22–55, inclusive); and
  • A signed commitment to live and work in New Brunswick.

⇒ Skilled Worker with Family Support 

This particular category requires no job offer from an employer in New Brunswick and assist the applicants, which have close family ties in the province of New Brunswick. It also encourages family values by facilitating the families in the province to come together.

However, one of the family members needs to sponsor the skilled worker candidate. Moreover, the supporting family member must fulfil the below criteria:

  • Be a close relative of the applicant
  • A non-dependent child, brother, sister, niece, nephew or grandchild of the Family Supporter, or their spouse or common-law partner, maybe sponsored through this category.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident, and reside full-time in New Brunswick
  • Be operating a business in New Brunswick for at least 12 consecutive months at the date of receipt of the NBPNP application OR have been working in New Brunswick for at least 12 straight months at the date of receipt of the NBPNP application
  • Be financially self-supporting
  • Participate in an interview with an official from the Population Growth Division
  • Assist the applicant with a settlement plan
  • Support only one applicant at a time

As far as the candidate or applicant is concerned, he also needs to fulfil the below criteria:

  • Be between 22 and 50 years of age
  • Be a close relative of the Family Supporter
  • Has sufficient English or French ability to settle in New Brunswick and fulfil your job duties in your intended occupation
  • Provide the scores from an approved English or French language test 
  • Have the education, qualifications, and/or license/certification needed to perform job duties in their intended occupation
  • Demonstrate an intent to live and work in New Brunswick
  • Have at least two years of continuous, full-time work experience in their intended occupation in New Brunswick, within the last five years
  • Your job is in one of the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels:
  • Skill levels O, A or B
  • Skill level C, Category 1, 3, 7, 8, 9
  • Skill level D, Category 1, 3, 7, 8, 9
  • Have the funds to settle in New Brunswick
  • A minimum of CAD$10,000, and an additional CAD$2,000 for each accompanying family member

The Application Rejection Points

The authorities can reject your application if you fall under any of the below situations:

  • Have an application in the process under another immigration program in Canada;
  • Intend to work in an occupation that is a National Occupational Classification (NOC) level C or D;
  • Are not lawfully residing in their country of residence at the time of applying at the NBPNP office (proof of lawful residence is required);
  • Have an unresolved humanitarian and compassionate claim in Canada;
  • Are failed humanitarian and human claimants living in Canada;
  • Have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada;
  • Are failed refugee claimants living in Canada;
  • Are under a removal order in Canada;
  • Are prohibited from entering Canada;
  • Are engaged in full-time post-secondary education;
  • Are on a valid federal post-graduation work permit whose occupation falls under NOC skill level C or D;
  • Our live-in caregivers;
  • Our seasonal, part-time or casual worker;
  • Are an individual whose job is not in New Brunswick;
  • Intend to start a business and/or be self-employed in New Brunswick; or

Are unable to provide proof of the required amount of funds.

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