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How to apply for State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Subclass 892?

It's a permanent visa for individuals who own a new or existing business and have a sponsorship from an Australian state or territory authority.

Requisites of the Visa:-

  • It would help if you held a:
  • Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 160)
  • Senior Executive (Provisional) visa (subclass 161)
  • Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 162)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 163)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) visa (subclass 164)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Investor (provisional) visa (subclass 165)
  • You have lived for at least 12 months out of two years immediately before lodging the visa application.
  • You have a genuine commitment to maintain investment in Australia.
  • You, along with your partner, has not been involved in any illegal business activities ever.
  • You, along with your partner, hold good moral and health conduct.
  • You meet all the conditions of the provisional business visa.
  • Have held continuously for at least four years, in your name or your partner's name, your designated investment of at least AUD750 000 for State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 165).
  • You must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or must have arranged to pay the same if any.
  • You have at least two business operating in Australia. You have lodged Business Activity Statements (BAS) to the Australian Taxation Office for all the businesses included in your application for the past two years.

It would help if you had at least:-

  • 51 per cent of the business where the annual turnover is less than AUD400 000.
  • 30 per cent of the business where the annual turnover is more than AUD400 000.
  • 10 per cent of a publicly listed company.
  • 10 per cent of your primary business in Australia if purchased before 19 April 2010.

You must have at least two of the following:-

  • Have net assets worth of at least AUD75 000 throughout the 12 months immediately before you apply.
  • Net Value of your personal and business assets has been at least AUD250 000 throughout the 12 months immediately before you apply.
  • You have employed at least one full-time Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand passport holder as an employee throughout the 12 months immediately before you apply who is not a family member.
  • Your principal or two businesses together should have a turnover of at least
  • AUD 200 000 in the past 12 months. It may not apply if you meet all of the following conditions:
  • You met at least two of the three requirements for Net business assets, Net personal and business assets and Provided employment
  • The appropriate state or territory authority has determined there are exceptional circumstances
  • Both your business and residence are in a designated regional or low-growth area

Privileges of the Visa:-

  • Provides you right to live in Australia indefinitely.
  • The applicant can work in Australia during your stay.
  • An applicant can enrol in Medicare, Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses.
  • Allows you to apply for citizenship if you meet specific requirements.
  • Allows you to move to and fro for five years starting from the day visa is granted.
  • You can sponsor your relatives for permanent residency.

How much the visa costs:-

The State/Territory Sponsored visa (subclass 892) visa- AUD 2,495 (Base Application Charge)
Additional Applicant Charge 18 and over- AUD 1,245
Additional Applicant Charge 18 and under- AUD 625

If you seek documentation assistance for Australia PR Visa, you may contact Visas Avenue immigration expert on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to

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