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Study in Italy

Italy is a land of endless opportunities. Each year, many international students choose Italy as their study abroad destination. I am sure that you are probably wondering why you should study in Italy as an overseas student?

The are more than enough reasons for an aspiring international student to choose to study in Italy, allow us to enumerate a few for you.

When you study in Italy, you not only pursue a study program, but you simultaneously invest in your future. Being home to over 40 world-class universities and the second-largest economy in the Eurozone, Italian education opens the door to endless academic as well as employment opportunities once you complete your initial course of choice.

Italian college diplomas and university degrees are globally recognized, yet there are little to no tuition fees for students. As an international student in Italy, you’ll experience world-class education, equality and freedom, and stable, peaceful surroundings.

Click Here- To start your study abroad experience in Italy.



Top Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy consistently ranks among the best countries in the world for quality of education. If you choose to Study in Italy you'll receive a globally recognized education from the world's top academics and educators.

Here are a few top reasons that make Italy a popular education destination:

  • Home to over 40 world-class universities featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2022
  • Quality Education with Zero Tuition Fees for Scholarship students
  • Free Accommodation for Students
  • No IELTS/TOFEL/GRE/GMAT /SAT for Admission
  • Very low Education Loan Required
  • World's Second Best Healthcare System according to WHO
  • 1 Year Post Study Visa for Recent Graduates
  • Work while Studying
  • Avail Study cum Schengen visa
  • Employment as well as Academic Opportunities in over 27 EU Countries

Plan YOUR Studies in Italy

All Non-EU citizens who wish to study in Italy must apply for an Italian student visa. They must learn about the best education options, requirements, processes and more applicable to international students.

  • Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission
    • For Bachelor’s program, you need at least 60% in 12th or 60% in 11th (if pursuing 12th).
    • For the Master’s program, you need at least 55% in Bachelor’s or 55% (if pursuing Bachelor) till your last appeared exam.
    • For Bachelor’s program, maximum 2 years of study gap is acceptable, only if justified.
    • For the Master’s program, maximum 8 years of study gap is acceptable, only if justified.
    • For the English language proficiency, you need a Medium of Instruction certificate (MOI)
    • For admission profile is evaluated based on key factors, like Academics, Internships, Projects, Strong SOP, Extra-Curricular Activities, and CV. 
  • Documentation Requirement for Bachelors Program
    • Valid Passport.
    • 10th, 11th and 12th mark sheets.
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP) & 2 Letters of Recommendation (L.O.R).
    • MOI (Medium of Instruction) Certificate/ language English Proficiency Certificate.
    • Student's CV or Resume.
    • Study Gap Certificate (if applicable) to justify.
    • Identity proof. 
  • Documentation Requirement for Masters Program
    • Valid Passport.
    • 10th, 12th, and all Bachelor’s mark sheets.
    • Degree Certificate (original or provisional).
    • 2 Letters of Recommendation (LOR) and SOP (Statement of Purpose).
    • Study Gap Certificate (if applicable).
    • Identity Proof.
    • MOI (Medium of Instruction) Certificate or English language Proficiency Certificate.
    • Modules/Course Structure.

Italy Student Visa Application Process

The Italian Embassies or Consulate-General offices in an applicant's country of origin issue student visas for Italy. Students from European Union (EU) or EFTA countries can study in Italy without a student visa. However, a non-EU student needs to apply for a student visa in Italy.

Here's a two-step visa application process.

  • Pre Enrolment: At this stage, a short interaction of 2-3 minutes between the prospective student and the embassy official. If everything goes as planned, you'll get an admission confirmation. 

For pre-enrollment, you need the following documents:

  • Original education degree with translation and apostle
  • Offer letter for the university
  • Pre Enrolment appointment letter
  • Academics documents (Original)
  • A valid Passport
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Passport Dropping: At this stage, students visit the VFS office and submit the supporting documents for visa stamping. 

For passport dropping, you need the following documents:

  • A Valid Passport.
  • (Form A) given to the student during pre-enrolment.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Bank Statement.
  • Travel Ticket.
  • Declaration of Value of original degree.
  • Admission letter with tuition fee.
  • Accommodation details.
  • Travel insurance

Scholarship Opportunities in Italy for International Students

If you choose Italy as your study abroad destination, you may get scholarship opportunities, which support the best and brightest students.

Regional authorities of the Italian Government offer scholarships, and the approval solely depends upon students' financial documents.

With a Scholarship in Italy, an international student gets:

  • Education with zero tuition fees.
  • Free hostel accommodation.
  • 5200 Euros annually as a stipend for food.
  • Assured stipend to be credited to the students' accounts directly in two installments of 2600 Euro each. 

Are you ready to start your study abroad journey to Italy?

With world-class education and employment opportunities throughout Italy, it is no surprise that over 30,000 international students choose to study in Italy every year.

If you have queries or are interested in applying for Student Visa in Italy, take your first step with Visas Avenue.

Please fill out a Free Student Assessment Form Online, and one of our academic counselors will contact you soon to discuss the best options.

Alternatively, you may reach us directly on Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or drop an email at  

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