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New Zealand Business Visa

4th freest economy in the world, Govt. offers great freedom in business, investment, and finance, taxation is positive for investors, Start-up companies enjoy greater level of flexibility, No minimum capital required, Foreign investments are highly welcomed

Disclaimer – Visas Avenue does not provide any guidance or assistance on NZ Employment/Work Visa. This page is only for information purpose. Visas Avenue provide documentation assistance related to the different government programs.

New Zealand is one of the most ideal countries for Business and Investment. Its Business Visa Categories are specially designed to promote and encourage the foreign business and investment in the country in order to further develop and enhance the economy here. NZ Government support and encourage the experienced business people to buy or establish the Business in NZ.

Due to the transparent and steady business environment to encourage the entrepreneurship, Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the 3rd best country for business. Easy money flow and positive taxation in favor of investors and businessmen are the two key aspects that attract and invite the investors to this part of the world.

What makes New Zealand an ideal country for Business and Investment?

  • New Zealand economy is considered as 4th freest in terms of economic freedom.
  • Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the third best country for business
  • The country is parliamentary democratic and one of the Asia–Pacific region’s most prosperous countries.
  • Getting money in and out of New Zealand is easy and there are very few limitations on what you can or can’t invest in here.
  • New Zealand drives its major business from agriculture but also benefits from a flourishing manufacturing sector, thriving tourism, and a strong renewable geothermal energy resource base.
  • Government of New Zealand offers great freedom in business, investment, and finance.
  • Start-up companies enjoy greater level of flexibility under licensing and other regulatory frameworks.
  • No minimum capital required, it takes only one day to start a business
  • Foreign investments are highly welcomed.
  • The taxation here is positive for investors.

What are the various Business Visa Categories in NZ?

If you want to set up your business in New Zealand our experienced staff will help you to find out and apply the visa suitable to your needs out of the following:-

  • Investor
  1. Investor/Investor Plus categories
  2. Temporary Retirement Category
  • Entrepreneurs
  1. Long Term Business Visa Category
  2. Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur Plus categories
  • Employees of a Relocating Business

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