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Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for the applicants who are qualified trade workers and want to migrate to Canada permanently after receiving an offer of employment. The government approves only 3000 applications each year under this visa category. The IRCC considers no more than 100 applications for a particular occupation for processing each year for Category A while there is no Category B cap. There are 43 subdivided occupations in this group into two categories, i.e. category A and Category B.

Category A

Category A has a cap of 100 applications, as these are occupations of moderate labour market need.

  • 7202 Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunications occupations
  •  7204 Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades
  •  7205 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers
  •  7271 Carpenters
  •  7301 Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades
  •  7302 Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews
  •  8211 Supervisors, logging and forestry
  •  8221 Supervisors, mining and quarrying
  •  8222 Contractors and supervisors, oil and gas drilling services
  •  8241 Logging machinery operators
  •  8252 Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
  •  9211 Supervisors, mineral and metal processing
  •  9212 Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities
  •  9214 Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing
  •  9231 Central control and process operators, mineral and metal processing
  •  9241 Power engineers and power systems operators
  •  9243 Water and waste treatment plant operators

Disclaimer - Visas Avenue does not provide any guidance or assistance on Canada FST Program. This page is only for information purpose. Visas Avenue Provide advice and assistance for Canadian PR process.

Category B

It consists of occupations, which are in demand.

  •  7231 Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors
  •  7233 Sheet metal workers
  •  7235 Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters
  •  7236 Ironworkers
  •  7237 Welders and related machine operators
  •  7241 Electricians (except industrial and power system)
  •  7242 Industrial electricians
  •  7243 Power system electricians
  •  7244 Electrical power line and cable workers
  •  7245 Telecommunications line and cable workers
  •  7246 Telecommunications installation and repair workers
  •  7251 Plumbers
  •  7252 Steamfitters, pipefitters and sprinkler system installers
  •  7253 Gasfitters
  •  7311 Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  •  7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  •  7313 Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics
  •  7314 Railway carmen/women
  •  7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
  •  7318 Elevator constructors and mechanics
  •  7371 Crane operators
  •  7372 Drillers and blasters – surface, mining, quarrying and construction
  •  7373 Water well drillers
  •  8231 Underground production and development miners
  •  8232 Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers
  •  9232 Petroleum, gas and chemical process operator


To be eligible to apply as a skilled worker the aspirant should-

  1. Plan to live in any state except Quebec.
  2. Meets minimum language requirement of (CLB) 5 for speaking and listening, and CLB 4 for reading and writing.
  3. Have at least two years of full time working experience in the nominated occupation in the past five years before applying.
  4. Should perform all the duties mentioned for the nominated occupation in National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  5. Have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least one year or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a provincial or territorial body.


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