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Event Photos Gallery

When you are working at Visas Avenue,it is not just about the work. Like a family, we participate in all cultural events, plan outstation tours, and often plan the games and other such recreational activities.

“Cultural Activities”

Cultural events such as, Rangoli competition,Independence Day Celebration, Bay Decoration, Best (Ethnic) Dressed Competition, etc. are part of Visas Avenue ethos. These festivals, events and happy times not only freshen and energisesthe spirits, but also bring us together as a team.

“Adventures Trips”

All work and no playmakes jack a dull boy! Hence, we often plan the outstation adventure tripsto enjoy sightseeing, adventure sports, and other such fun activities, etc. All such fun and recreational activities helps the team to take a break from the daily routine and recharge everyonewith a new spirit and motivation.

“Annual Conference & Meetings”

The periodic annual conference and meetingsgives chance to all team members in different states and territories to meet and get to know each other. It is a great opportunity to learn more closely about Organization’s ongoing functions, achievements and upcoming plans. And not just that, as they say, work hard, and party harder.