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USA Permanent Residency Visa

The USA or United States of America is federal republic and a wonderful country to be in. It’s one of the largest countries in the world, i.e. 4th by total area and 3rd by population. The USA is the country of diversities, i.e. the diversity of culture, communities, climate, lifestyle, and wildlife. It is also said to be a product of large scale immigration from various nations.
The USA adapts and inculcates the individuals with different cultures, traditions, religions and lifestyle, which makes it one of the best countries to immigrate in order to live, work, business, and study. The US Permanent Residency Visa allows immigrants across the world to enter and settle in USA permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges in the country without being its citizen.

How it is to be in United States of America?

  • The US has the one of the most technically powerful economies in the world
  • US business firms and industries enjoy greater flexibility than the other advanced countries of the world.
  • The high living standard and quality of life in USA is one thing that attracts millions of immigrants to this part of the world.
  • United States has got a few the top universities in the world.
  • US has the top business firms in the world especially in computers and in medical, aerospace, and military equipments
  • The USA welcomes the people of various communities, religions, and traditions. It clearly reflects from its cultural diversity and ethnic groups in the country.
  • The USA is one of the most advanced nations with quite popular tourist destinations in the world as well, i.e. The skyscrapers of Manhattan and Chicago, the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska, the warm, sunny beaches of Florida, Hawaii and Southern California, etc.

What are the Benefits of US permanent residency?

  • It gives you freedom to work and live in the US permanently and work anywhere including many forms of government work. There are a few levels of security clearance which only US citizens qualify for, but green card holders can apply for virtually any job in the US. You will not need additional work authorization to work in the United States. With a green card, you can make the US your permanent home and place of residence.
  • You can travel outside of the US and return freely. You can also travel anywhere within the US you wish and live in any part of the US you wish. If you do plan on leaving the country for more than six months, however, you may wish to take additional steps to safeguard your permanent residency.
  • Once you are a US green card holder, you can sponsor your relatives to get their own green card. Therefore, you can ensure that your family is united in the US and enjoys the same right to live and work in the US.
  • US green Card is a stepping stone to citizenship. Once you have had your US green card for five years, you may qualify to apply for US citizenship, which will give you the right to vote and run for office.
  • You can get many social benefits, including research grants, taxation benefits, insurance coverage, social security benefits, and state sponsorship in education, research, retirement benefits, and health benefits. With a US green card you can also own firearms, a house, cars, and other property in the US and even secure financing for these purchases.
  • With many non-immigrant visas, you are only allowed a specific status for a short period of time and you must reapply in order to extend your stay. A green card, however, confers permanent status, so that you typically do not need to worry about reapplying for your status. Instead, you will only need to renew your green card every ten years or so, which is a very simple process.

There are many Categories under the immigrant visa

How we help you get your PR for US?

Visas Avenue has been helping hundreds of people each year to reach their career goals and fulfill their dreams of living and working overseas. We are one of the most successful immigration firms with extensive number of years of experience in serving clients for almost 40 countries across the globe.
To discuss your eligibility with our team of immigration specialists fill free assessment form. Our team of Immigration Specialists will assess your profile details and subsequently will contact you with expert advice as to which Visa Category you must choose and how to file the most accurate visa application to enhance the chances of first time approval.

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