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Has Covid-19 Pandemic affected Express Entry or PNP programs of Canada?

The unexpected outbreak of the Pandemic caused by Covid-19 has surprised and affected most of the countries in the World. Looking at its effect on the immigration policies of various countries, aspirants of Canada immigration and permanent residency are also eager to know, to what extent this pandemic has affected the Canada immigration programs?

Well, Canada’s immigration policy is bit different from the other key immigration hotspots. Hence, such incidents are unlikely to make any major impact on Canada immigration policy and programs. Let’s find out the impact of Covid-19 on Canada immigration programs.

Impact of Covid-19 on Canada immigration programs

Canada has two key immigration programs to allow overseas skilled workers to apply and get permanent residency in Canada, i.e.

However, it has been observed that these two programs are actively holding draws or invitation rounds and accepting the new applications as well from the interested applicants. As per Canada’s Multiyear Immigration Levels Plan, it has an immigration target of 3, 41,000 for this year and more than 1 million in next three years, hence, it cannot slow the intake of immigrants, especially skilled immigrants, as it will further deteriorate the skill shortage issue in the country. Let’s take a look at the effect of the Covid-19 on Express Entry and PNP.

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Effect on Express Entry System

The cases related to Covid-19 were first noticed in most of the countries in February/March. However, Express Entry system of Canada never stopped holding draws of Express Entry and inviting the selected Candidates to apply for Canadian Permanent residency. You can see in the bars below that frequency of EE draws has increased as Canada has opened 4 express entry draws within just 8 days (i.e. 9th April -16th April). Moreover, it is allowing the skilled worker applicants to create profile on express entry and submit EOIs as well. The express entry has invited total 30,400 candidates this year till 16th April Draw.

The only thing that has changed is frequency of Express Entry program specific draws increased, as CEC and provincial nomination category draws are being held frequently by IRCC now a days. That’s understandable as well, since there is a lockdown in most countries, hence, the prospective immigrants can’t travel at this juncture. However, once the threat of Covid-19 and lockdown is over, we will see the draws opening for regular FSW category as per the normal schedule.

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Effect on Provincial Nominee Programs

The key provincial nominee programs of Canada, i.e. OINP, SINP, AINP, etc. are regularly holding their PNP draws and inviting the suitable or selected candidates to apply for provincial nomination. These PNPs consistently opening the PNP draws almost every week to invite the applicants and accepting new applications too.

The PNPs of Canada too have significant annual immigration target this year, i.e. 67,800, hence, it’s unlikely that the Canadian provinces will halt issuing invitations to candidates or to inviting the new applications.

Hence, we can see that both popular immigration programs of Canada have not been affected by the hit of Covid-19 as of now. In fact the temporary travel restrictions imposed by Canada will also be lifted very soon, and things will be back to normal.

Canada is an immigrant friendly country and with ongoing skill shortage, it is likely to remain positive about the immigration influx in the country in the months to come.

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