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5 Things you can prepare for Canada Immigration despite Covid-19 Disruption

The unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has affected immigration plans of tens of thousands of aspiring immigrants across the globe. Lockdown in several developed and developing countries is not allowing people to go out. This thing has affected the visa application processing time as well, apart from applying the temporary travel restriction in many countries.

Moreover, several visa aspirants are confused thinking about their plan of immigration to Canada, Australia etc. countries. However, this lockdown period is temporary, and everything will be back on track soon, and all aspiring applicants will rush to apply at the same time. Hence, the one who is prepared and ready with the documents and other key things, will have upper hand. Hence, preparation for Canada immigration at now is critical.

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What are the 5 positive things you can do to prepare for Canada Immigration?

If you are aspire to get skilled PR visa in Canada, this year, you should not get discouraged and disappointed by the current situation as the same is temporary and soon the things will be on track. Rather, you should use your stay-at-home period in doing necessary preparation for immigration to Canada. Here are the list of things you can do:

Explore about life in Canada: Since you are planning to live and work in Canada, you can explore the key things about living and working in Canada, such as, Canadian job market, in demand occupations, cost of living, transportation, Canadian education system and academic institutions, accommodation, and best place to live, etc.

There are so many things to explore if you are planning to live, work and settle in Canada on permanent basis. You can also spend this time in preparation of your resume as per the Canadian Standards.

Choose the right program to apply: Canada follows point-based immigration system, where your obtained point score matters a lot. Hence, you must explore the Express Entry system, as well as the appropriate provincial nominee program to apply. Both programs are widely popular among the Canada immigration applicants.

Calculate your CRS point sore: As already mentioned, Canada follows a point based system, hence, it’s wise to check your total Express Entry CRS score, to find out whether or not this score is high enough to get Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. If your CRS score is low, you can apply in a PNP to get provincial nomination and earn additional 600 extra CRS Points.

Click here to calculate your Canada CRS point score

Prepare for IELTS: the IELTS is worldwide popular English Language testing system. It is accepted by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) as well for immigration purpose. You can do the preparation for IELTS test, so that you can score high band score for the English proficiency and subsequently, get valuable CRS points in express entry based on your English proficiency.

You can take online IELTS training sessions from the IELTS trainers. For instance, Visas Avenue is also provides IELTS coaching to the Canada immigration applicants through its in house IELTS trainer.

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Get Consultation from a trusted Visa Advisor: In this period, you can talk to a trusted visa advisor or consultant over phone call, video call or chat, to discuss about your Canada immigration plan, key requirements and process, eligibility status, etc. The popular Visa Consultant for Canada, i.e. Visas Avenue is also providing the consultation and assistance to the aspiring visa applicants on call or online, to help them prepare for immigration to Canada, while sitting at home.

Hence, the idea is to use this time for the preparation of immigration to Canada. Once the restrictions are lifted and lockdown period is over, you will be all set to apply straightaway, and hence, will have edge over the others, as the competition at that point will be high.

Prepare for Canada immigration- Contact Visas Avenue- a leading Visa Advisor and consultant        

If you wish to prepare for immigration to Canada in 2020, Visas Avenue can be your true mentor and guide.  It is a trusted Visa Advisor and Consultant in India. The VA team has Visa consultancy offices across the country to provide the candid advice, assistance and support to visa applicants.

Visas Avenue specializes in Canada and Australia immigration process and has fantastic record when it comes to obtaining visa approvals for the clients for Canada and Australia. You may contact Visas Avenue Immigration expert, if you wish to apply PR visa, skilled visa, visit visa, study visa, family sponsored visa, etc. in an overseas country.

If you have any query or wish to start your visa process with Visas Avenue, you can simply fill the free assessment form here to get a call back from the expert. Alternatively, you can email your queries and feedbacks to us at our e-mail id-

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