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Canada PR -Make Lockdown Period Count by Preparing Documents

Has this lockdown period disrupted your Canadian Immigration Plans?

Well, you are not alone, there are many applicants, who are feeling stuck because of this unexpected pandemic, which has affected most countries across the globe.

However, the fact is, you are not stuck as far as Immigration to Canada is concerned.  The Canadian government has not stopped accepting immigration applications for permanent residency.

Moreover, most of the Canadian PR process is online, and that is why there is no hurdle to start the process for the Canadian Permanent Residency even during this Covid-19 affected period.

The Canadian Immigration Process can continue even during the lockdown period

It is obvious that you are following the social distancing rule and cannot travel outside due to the pandemic. However, that does not stop you in any way from applying for a Permeant Residence visa to Canada. Let us find out how;

Canadian Immigration is a stepwise process and during this process, you are required to make certain preparations and collect various documents.

There are a few documents, which you need to prepare in advance to apply for a permanent residency in Canada. Let us take a look.

  • Obtain IELTS Test Result

The IELTS is the globally recognized English Language Testing System. It is accepted by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for immigration purposes.

The IELTS conducts the test periodically and discloses the results usually after two weeks of the test. Hence, you can prepare for the IELTS exam to get a high band score for English proficiency. The candidates with a higher level of proficiency in the IELTS exam get the valuable CRS points in the express entry system.

You can take online IELTS training sessions from a certified IELTS trainer during this lockdown period. For instance, Visas Avenue also provides IELTS coaching to the Canadian Immigration applicants through its in house IELTS trainer. The IELTS has also started conducting the tests once again in India and the rest of the countries.

Also, read- 5 Things you can prepare for the Canadian Immigration despite Covid-19 disruption

  • Acquire your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report

Canadian immigration department or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada require the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof that your credentials) are valid and equivalent to a Canadian qualification.

The WES (World Education Service) is one of the most popular assessing authorities that provide the ECA report to the applicants. The WES usually takes around 35 business days to process and sends the ECA report to the applicants.

If you are a Canadian PR aspirant, you can utilize the current time to obtain the ECA report.

  • Maintain sufficient Proof Of Funds

Showing proof of funds in your account is an important aspect of the Canadian Immigration process. When you apply through the Express Entry System of Canada, you need to show sufficient amount of funds in your account. By checking these funds, the (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada want to be certain that you have enough money in your account to support the financial requirements of you and your family in the first few months, of landing in Canada. This amount depends on the size of your family.

However, you must maintain this amount in your account for the last few months, i.e. it means, there should not be any sudden increase of funds in your account, which can be considered as fishy by the Immigration Authorities.

Hence, while there is a lockdown, coordinate with your immigration consultant and confirm the details as to how you can maintain this fund in your account.

  • Prepare other basic documents

Apart from the above, there are several basic documents, you may need to present at various stages of your application. It is better to get in touch with a trusted Canadian Visa Consultant and figure out, what all documents you need to gather to prepare your immigration file for the Canadian PR process, during this lockdown period.

Visas Avenue - A trusted Immigration Advisor for Canada

Visas Avenue Immigration is a popular Visa advisor and consultant for Canadian Immigration and Permanent Residency Process. If you have plans to apply for Immigration to Canada to land in Canada most probably next year, you may contact the qualified immigration and visa experts in the VA team.

To start the process for Canada PR at earliest, you may call on our Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or e-mail us at to get a call back from an expert.

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