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Key Reasons to Apply for Canada PR Despite Covid-19

Several aspiring immigrants are circumspect about their Canadian Immigration plan and permanent residency application because of Covid-19 chaos.

However, the fact is you have enough reasons to stay optimistic about Immigration to Canada. If you are applying for permanent residency to Canada now, it does not mean you will get a call next week. It will take good 6-8 months or even a year to complete the whole PR process.

Stay positive about your decision to apply for the Canadian Immigration this year.

Although, Covid-19 pandemic has caused some disruption and forced some countries to take temporary measures, however, there are no reasons to worry as far as your Canadian Immigration application is concerned.

To obtain a Canadian PR visa, you have to follow a multistep procedure, which takes around a year to arrange documents, file applications, process application, get the COPR, etc.

If you start your application today, there is a strong possibility that you will land in Canada next year and not this year. Moreover, by next year, this whole chaos over the pandemic is expected to be over. Let us look at the time elapsed for the stepwise process.

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The time it takes to obtain the documents

  • Two weeks for getting the IELTS test result, from the date when you sit in the exam.
  • It takes around one month to get an ECA report from the WES.

Express Entry process

Although there are various skilled immigration programs in Canada; however, I am mentioning the most popular one here.

  • Create an Express Entry profile and submit EOI: You can do it online
  • Receive ITA: The time taken for receiving ITA or invitation to apply for Canada PR visa depends on your Express Entry CRS point score

It may take from one week to several weeks, depending on your CRS score. Higher the score, sooner you get the ITA.

Therefore, if your CRS point score is low, and you wish to increase your point score through provincial nomination, the extra time will have to be taken into consideration/elapsed for obtaining the Provincial nomination.

  • Submit your Canadian PR application– Once you get the ITA, the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) gives you 60 days’ (2 months) time to gather your documents and submit the same along with the Canadian PR visa application.
  • Application processing time- The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) claim to process the received applications within six months.
  • The time you get to Land in Canada after COPR- The approval of a PR visa has an expiry date of around 12 months. Hence, you need to travel to Canada within this period. However, this period starts from the date, when IRCC receives the approved medical certificate of fitness. Which means, the expiry of your medical certificate equals to the expiry of your COPR. Therefore, usually, once you get your COPR, you are left with six months, so, you get this much time to land in Canada once you have received your ITA.

If you start your application today, you will land in Canada in 2021

After going through the timeline mentioned above for each step of the Canadian PR process, it is evident that if you start your application today, you will most probably move to Canada in next 8-10 months.

By which time, the whole chaos over the pandemic will be over. So, do not delay the process further thinking about Covid-19 and apply now in coordination with a trusted Visa Advisor. For instance, Visas Avenue is the registered and leading consultant and advisor for Canadian Immigration and Permanent Residency Process.

To start your Canadian PR process with the VA team, you may call on our Toll-Free No. 78-18-000-777 or fill out the Free Assessment form to get a call back from an expert.

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