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7 Reasons for Canada PR Application Rejection

There can be many reasons for an applicant's Canadian PR visa application refusal or rejection. The immigration department may refuse a Canadian PR application based on criminality, misrepresentation, health, failed to meet eligibility requirements, missing out relevant documents, missing deadlines, or due to a mistake committed by immigration officers.

We will discuss below top 7 reasons behind Canada PR application rejection:

  1. Cases of misrepresentation

The IRCC takes the cases of misrepresentation quite seriously. If an applicant is charged with the case of misrepresentation, then his/her application will be refused. In fact, it could also make an applicant inadmissible. Thus, it is always advisable to be very careful while preparing your application in order to avoid cases of misrepresentation.

Instance of material misrepresentations would be:

  • Failure to declare about a visa refusal for another country
  • Providing a false document
  • Failure to mention about your family member
  • Declare a fake job experience
  • Engage in a marriage (non-genuine)

Instances of non-material misrepresentation:

  • Reversing the month and date of birth on your application
  • Indicating being unmarried or single when widowed
  • Providing consistent and correct information on different forms except one
  1. Medical Grounds

Canadian Government follows a policy, which rejects an immigrant's application that may result in an “excessive demand” on Canada's healthcare system.

As per this policy, an applicant who is applying for Canada immigration is required to undergo a medical examination certified by the medical officers of Canada. The IRCC may reject the applicant's application under the following circumstances:

  • If he or she is suffering from a severe disease that may affect the Canadian public's overall health.
  • If an applicant's admission results in an excessive demand on the health care or social services which the Canadian government provides.
  1. Criminality

An immigration applicant often has to wait for criminal background checks before he/she files for a visa application. A criminal record check is subject to admissibility and application rejection for Canada PR.

In case, you had a criminal conviction back in your home country, it can be one of the major factors for an application rejection. It does not matter how small the criminal offense is– there have been instances where people face visa refusals even for traffic incidents or driving charges depending upon how you have disclosed it in your visa application. It is always advisable to be honest about your past criminal records or history.

  1. Missing a deadline

In order to speed up your immigration process, IRCC set certain deadlines to submit different applications and forms. In case an applicant misses any of such deadlines, then his or her application might be denied. Reason being, it is imperative to know how and when to gather the documents and how and when to submit the completed application.

Sometimes CIC grant a few days extension, but it is very important to explain the reasons behind extensions and provide supporting documents for the same.

  1. Financial reasons

All the applicants are required to show proof of funds by submitting their Bank statements or Bank Certificates as a part of the visa application process for Canada. These documents serve as a proof that the primary applicant can financially support himself or herself along with the family member (living either in Canada or in an applicant's home country). If an applicant fails to show enough proof of funds depending upon the amount required as per his/her chosen visa program, then he/she may face application rejection.

  1. Incomplete documentation:

The Canadian Government is quite strict with its immigration documentation requirements.

It is an essential step in your Canada immigration process. They send a detailed checklist to an applicant's mailbox, which has to be followed as per the relevancy of documents. Thus, it is always advisable to prepare a document checklist and gather complete document portfolio at one place in order to avoid any delays and errors. This will in turn help you to submit all your documents within the timeline.

Please note, lack of submitting the proper documentation may result in application rejection or refusal from IRCC.

  1. Applying without knowing eligibility requirements

With more than 60 unique immigration programs comes a different set of eligibility requirements. Thus, an applicant's profile has to be eligible on the basis of the already described criteria by IRCC for the PR visa programs for which he/she has applied. It largely depends on the factors like education, age, work experience, language proficiency, etc. Any disparity found in eligibility requirements may lead to an immediate rejection of the visa application.

Do you wish to apply for Canada PR visa this year? Prepare an error-free file with Visas Avenue

With frequently changing rules and regulations, the Canadian immigration process can be quite confusing to a first timer. Thus, seeking the assistance of an experienced team of Immigration Experts can prove quite helpful. They very well know the loopholes and fallout that may occur while filing an application. With their experience, they can advise you in advance about the possible error, which may cause application rejection or refusal.

So, in order to maximize the chances of application approval by IRCC, get your file prepared with the guidance of Visas Avenue's team of Immigration and Visa experts.

You may talk to the our Migration Expert on Toll Free No. 78-18-000-777 or e-mail us at

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