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What is it like living in Australia?

What is it like living in Australia? The answer to this question shall certainly include numerous aspects, features, descriptions, advantages, and concerns to explain how it is to live in Australia. The statistics don't tell the inside story about life in a country. However, it gives you a broad idea about the place you are looking to live in. Talking about Australia, it's the 6th largest country by area and 12th largest by the economy.

It's the second-highest HDI globally and had the 5th highest per capita a couple of years back. Hope you have got an idea by now that it's one of the most advanced, developed and wealthiest countries in the world. Now, let's take a look at Australia's life or how it is to live in Australia.

Living in Australia

Australia is a wonderful country to live in. It has moderate weather, a multicultural society, democratic government policies, and many key features, making it one of the best countries to live in. People from all parts of the world come to Australia and get settled here permanently. Australia is home to every class, community, race, culture, custom, tradition, and ethnicity. It is an advanced nation that offers tremendous career growth opportunities and prospects to the talented and skilled individuals coming here from different parts of the world.

Benefits of living in Australia

If you are looking to live in Australia, you have thousands of reasons to justify your decision. Australia is a developed nation with a powerful economy, incredible infrastructure, transportation and facilities, health and education system, etc. It offers plenty of job opportunities, high wages, high living standards, key social security benefits, and rapid career growth, especially if you come here from a developing country. It is a country with many opportunities for newcomers looking for new career prospects and quality of life.

Advantages of living in Australia today

Australian economy and industries are growing very fast today, offering plenty of jobs and opportunity for skilled immigrants and professionals, i.e., engineers, nurses, accountants, IT workers, etc. People and communities in Australia are multicultural, receptive, and compassionate, welcoming and embracing the people from every class and community with no discrimination.

Living in Australia for a year

Well, living in Australia for a year or two is not a bad idea at all. You can come here on a temporary visa like a 457 Visa or on a working holiday visa to determine the culture, communities, job market, and environment in Australia. I am sure that you will definitely look to convert your visa to a permanent one after experiencing a much better life in this part of the world. The first year can be a year full of struggles for you; however, if you remember a few key things, you will succeed at the end of the day.

If you don't get a job in your desired profile, grab any job to make a living. You will get your chances, later on, to shift to the profession or job of your liking. So, work hard, have patience, make friends, and get used to the new environment to adapt to the conditions quickly.

Living in Australia for Indian

If you are immigrating to Australia from India, you will definitely find much better infrastructure, job opportunities, career growth, and wages here compared to India. It's not just the career growth you get here as an Indian; it's about the complete 360 degrees change in life. As an Indian, you are bound to get much better transportation, infrastructure, government-funded public healthcare facilities, social security benefits, quality of education, quality of life, etc., in Australia. However, you and your accompanying family members need to be prepared for cultural shock and a western lifestyle. So be patient and gradually try to get used to the environment, communities and lifestyle in this part of the word.

The cost of living can be high here compared to India; however, it is worth a much better life. Moreover, if you see it from a positive point of view, you are more encouraged to work hard, take your job seriously, give your 100 per cent to increase your earning to pay for a much-improved life in this part of the world.

How many Indian are living in Australia?

Australia is undoubtedly one of the most favourite immigration destinations for Indians and the USA and Canada. Thousands of people every year immigrate to Australia on work, student, family, or business visas. As per the 2011 data, 295,373 people born in India lived in Australia, and this number must have increased drastically by now.

Percentage of Indians living in Australia

Indian immigrant's liking for Australia is evident from the fact that Indians comprise over one per cent of the total Australian population. Several Indian languages, i.e., Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, etc., are among the fast-rising languages in Australia apart from the country's official language, i.e., English. These statistics certainly sums up the thing as to how Indians have made their mark in Australia over the years and contributed to the economy and growth of the country significantly.

Why do people like living in Australia?

You need to understand the diverse features and aspects of this incredible country, i.e., Australia, that magnetizes and welcomes tens of thousands of people every year through its multiple visa categories. Let's discuss a few of its key features to understand why people like living in Australia.

  • Career Perspective: This is one of the prime reasons for huge migration to Australia over the years. Young, skilled and talented individuals from all parts of the world come to Australia to get employed in the top business organizations and earn high wages to give their career a tremendous boost.
  • Cultural Diversity: Cultural diversity is the major driving force that encourages people to come here and merge with the culture and society. Australia receives and welcomes people from different races and religions with open arms and helps them gel in society without prejudice or discrimination.
  • Best Education System: It's also an ideal study destination for international students with plenty of world-class universities, outstanding infrastructure, and a range of academic and vocational courses.
  • World-Class cities: Australia is known for its fantastic world-class cities, i.e., Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, etc. These are fantastic cities, and a few of them are ranked as the most liveable cities in the world. These cities rank very high on many international parameters.
  • A place to raise Family: With its world-class education system, plenty of recreation and sports activities, world-class and liveable cities, high employment rate, it is considered as one of the best places to raise a family.
  • Quality of Life: The people, especially from the developing countries, find Australia the best place to live a high-quality life with better resources, developed infrastructure, excellent transportation, health and medical facilities, the best education system, and a very high standard of living.
  • Landscape beauty & Wildlife: This is another good reason for people to come here and get settled. Australia is a place to witness scenic beauty, lush green outfields, amazing wildlife and sanctuaries, tropical rainforest, and so on.
  • Recreation, sports, Beaches: Australia is one of the best countries to enjoy plenty of sports and recreation activities. Australians love sports, cricket, tennis, hockey, soccer; you name the sport, and it is played in this part of the world. Moreover, Australia is home to one of the most stunning beaches in the world. People love to come here for a holiday, from all parts of the world and enjoy the beach holiday, beach sports, swimming, surfing, fishing, and many such activities.

How to get a permanent residency in Australia?

If you are motivated enough to immigrate to and settle in this most beautiful country, we will now tell you the procedure through which you can immigrate and get settled in Australia. You can get permanent residency in Australia through skilled visas, employer nomination scheme, family or partner visa, business visa, etc.

To discuss your immigration plan in detail and get your profile assessed by the registered immigration expert, you can fill the free assessment form. The expert will call you with the complete assessment of your profile to tell you about your chances and process of securing the Australian PR.

You can also talk to the expert directly on contact nos. 011-48447777 (Delhi) or 080-46668222 (Bangalore) or can mail your queries to We at Visas Avenue are a registered migration expert for Australia, Canada and other such countries. We help people complete the immigration process and formalities in a hassle-free way so that immigration to a new country becomes a smooth and pleasant experience for them.


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