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How to find opportunity in Australia from India?

Note: – Visas Avenue does not deal in any job or job assistance services. It only provide documentation assistance for the key government immigration programs, i.e. General Skilled Migration Program.

Are you looking for a professional opportunity in Australia from India? Well, it may sound simple, however, it involves lots of effort, hard work, preparations, and right approach to get a success. Australia is an incredible country, especially if you are from India; it has to be your dream destination, in terms of higher quality of life, better growth opportunity, and cool retirement life. However, to get there, you need to migrate to Australia and find a suitable employment for yourself to get settled. I must say it’s not easy, but at the same time not that difficult if you are prepared enough with all the things, which are required.

Skilled Migration Pathway to find Opportunity in Australia from India

General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is the key pathway to move to Australia and find the right opportunity. It is a point based system to assess the eligibility of the applicants and accordingly issue them ITA (invitation to apply) for relevant visa. It assess the profile of the candidates based on age, education, experience, English proficiency, etc. criteria.

GSM has two key permanent visa categories, i.e. Subclass 189 Visa and Subclass 190 visa.

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Lets take a look at few key tips for move to Australia from India on the appropriate visa.



Apply for skill Assessment from Relevant Authority and Get English Language Certification Done

These are two of the most crucial aspects of your Australia Immigration procedure. You must get your skill assessment done from a relevant assessment authority. Moreover, the English being the official language in Australia, you must get the English Language Certification done to ascertain and authenticate your proficiency in the language. You may seek the support of a reliable immigration consultancy service to get these key tasks completed in a trouble free manner. Search your local area consultants

Submit EOI for obtaining the Permanent Resident Visa Card

Once you are done with above two preparation aspects, it’s time to submit an application choosing the right occupation to apply. You can submit EOI online on SkillSelect (online EOI processing system of Australia). Just one click to submit your application

Obtain Permanent Residence Visa

If your profile is considered for the visa, you will receive the invite to apply for the PR visa in Australia. You must file the application for the visa with thorough accuracy and attaching all the essential documents with the same. Once you have submitted the application, you need to consistently follow up with the authorities for the approval of your PR visa. As just mentioned, the support from a trusted Immigration Documentation Consultancy Company can really reduce your pain of getting all key procedural things done smoothly without any failure or glitch and receive your PR visa in time. Browse in-depth how do I apply for Canadian PR visa


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Do Your Homework for finding an opportunity on your own

The Australia is an advanced country that offers multiple professional opportunities in top organizations. Although, the hunt for the right opportunity, not easy here, however, if you possess a few qualities, such as, Excellent English Communication, in demand skills, right amount of experience, and professional approach, you can certainly impress the top organizations get and grab the right professional opportunity.

Get all your requisite documents ready in advance, i.e.

  • Well written resume as per local organizations
  • Cover letter including details about your visa or visa application status,
  • Educational credential and skill assessment by a recognized assessing authority
  • English Language Proficiency certification
  • A Permanent Resident Visa Card

Note:  Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements. This Paragraph is for information purpose only.         

Apply for and obtain the Professional opportunity in Australia on your own

We have now reached to the stage when you have done all your homework, prepared documents, and things you needed to and applied in SkillSelect, choosing the right occupation. Now, it’s time to search for the right opportunity in Australia, through various ways.

  • Online websites: Make a list of Australian websites that list a huge number of vacancies in Australia. And apply in the listed vacancies that match your profile.
  • LinkedIn Profile: Create a LinkedIn Profile (if there is not any) and connect with various Australian Employers, to explore the available opportunities.
  • MNC Pathway: This may be a different, but a crucial method. In India, there are multiple MNCs (Multi-National Companies) operating, you may even apply to any of them having a branch in Australia, and later on request for migration to Australian branch, under the same profile.
  • Apply directly online: More than 50% of vacancies are not even advertised, hence, you can even make kind of a cold call or cold application to check if there is any vacancy available in an organization.
  • Focus on the Key Sectors in Australia: Focus on the key industries in Australia, which have great growth rate and shortage of skills, i.e. mining; Healthcare, Manufacturing, Tourism, etc. are the sectors in Australia, which have tremendous scope and opportunities for the applicants.

How to move to Australia without job offer

You can even move to Australia without the job offer from Australian employer and then search the job on your own.  To follow this process, you may apply for key GSM visa categories, i.e. Subclass 189 visa or Subclass 190 via online SkillSelect System. It is a point based system that assess your profile based on age, education, work experience, language ability, etc. If you are selected, you will get ITA (Invitation to Apply) desired Skilled PR Visa in Australia.

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Seek assistance and Support to Apply Australia PR visa from an Immigration Consultancy?

This is one of the crucial aspects of immigration to Australia. Your PR visa approval or immigration procedure may take longer than you expected in the absence of proper guidance, knowledge, and follow ups.

If you take a session with an experienced immigration expert in an Australian Immigration Consultancy, and let them know about your plans to apply PR visa, they can help you with the most of the above aspects of Australia PR process, such as creating profile on SkillSelect, documentation, application assessment, etc. You my fill to free enquiry and fix your appointment with the expert.

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue is not a job recruitment agent or job service provider. Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on / overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.


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