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Vivek Kumar

They say, I can work and live in Australia now. It is all because of Visas Avenue. It was all like a relay race in which I was just the first runner. I ran my first 100 meters and then handed the baton over to VA. First came Neeraj. I still remember when I first talked to him. I was so hesitant, so full of doubts that I almost sounded a cynic. And yet he was patient and calm. He listened to me and cleared all my doubts without giving falls hopes. And then came Shivangi, t he Anchor leg as they say in relay races. She had to win it for me as Anchor leg wins the medal and Shivangi won it for me. She is a hard taskmaster and assuring you as a friend. Shivangi does not leave any stone unturned. She explores to find the best solution of all the problems. And that is the formula of success, I guess. Now that I have my medal around my neck, I know that if it was not these guys, it was not possible. Just trust them. They know how important it is for you. And they know how to get it. You just need to believe in them and help them building your case. If your case is genuine, they will win it for you. All the best Visas Avenue. Keep changing lives. Thanks!