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Long Term Business Visa

If you want to establish your own business in New Zealand you can apply for a work visa under the Long Term Business Category. Once your Long Term Business is approved you will be given nine months to buy or establish your business in New Zealand .After that you can further apply for work visa for the balance of three years.

Disclaimer – Visas Avenue does not provide any guidance or assistance on NZ Employment/Work Visa. This page is only for information purpose. Visas Avenue provide documentation assistance related to the different government programs.


  • You must submit your business plan along with relevant knowledge about the New Zealand business environment, and show how your intended business venture will significantly benefit New Zealand, as well as providing evidence about your relevant business experience.
  • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family if travelling along.
  • Before applying for further work visa of three years you must satisfy the business immigration specialist that the mentioned funds in the proposed business plan  has been transferred direct from your own bank account(s) through the banking system to New Zealand and arrangements to make the investment as per the business plan have been made.


  • Band A New Zealand (GST inclusive)-3200 NZ$.
  • Band B Australia-27000 NZ$
  • Band C Rest of the world-2700 NZ$.

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