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Which is the most multicultural and immigrant friendly country in the world?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Nov 2016

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Immigration is surely a big decision in life of an individual. It is a decision that impacts your career growth, future, and lifestyle as an overseas immigrant in long run. Hence, you would want to immigrate to a country which is perfect in terms of all aspects of human living. For most of the immigrants, immigration is not just about moving to a new country, but finding a new home with friendly environment and communities, democratic policies, world class education system, social security benefits, and ideal setup for raising a family. Hence, when it comes to moving to a new country, every aspirant often asks this question, i.e.

Which Country Support Cultural Diversity and immigrants the most?

There are several countries in the world, which are known for their cultural diversity and for welcoming significant number of immigrants annually. For instance, USA is traditionally the most culturally diverse nation that invites huge number of immigrants every year. The UK, Germany, France, etc. countries are also known for their diversity and high immigration rate. However, the truth is for last one decade or so the USA and most of the European countries are tightening their immigration policies to reduce the immigration level in the country. So, when it comes to truly immigrant friendly policies and massive immigration influx annually, Canada and Australia comes right on the top of list.

Canada and Australia- The top multicultural and immigrant friendly countries in the world

Australia along with Canada is known for welcoming millions of immigrants in a year under different visa categories, i.e. Work visa, Permanent Residency Visa, Visit Visa, Family category visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, and Working Holiday Visa, etc. Australia every year, welcomes tens of thousands of people from India, China, UK, etc. countries. Australia is huge country that has a vast immigrant population that belongs to different ethnicities and cultures. It offers all the facilities and benefits to all the immigrants and residents without any discrimination. Similarly, Canada too is huge country by area that is known for its culturally diverse population from all parts of the world, i.e. India, China, UK, Philippines, Pakistan, USA, France, etc. In Canada, people with different religions, cultural identities, races, customs, and nationalities, etc. live together with peace and harmony. Canada also has immigrant friendly policies, including the several family reunification rules, etc.

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