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VETASSESS Australia has announced key Changes in Skill Assessment Requirements

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 20, Jan 2020

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VETASSESS Skills Assessment Updates regarding Organizational Charts & Projects Information

Find below the key updates announced by the VETASSESS regarding the employment evidence requirement:
  • Organisational chart Mandatory for Key Occupations: Organisational chart is mandatory for nominating a managerial occupation or for the occupations, i.e. Management Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Internal Auditor and Program or Project Administrator.
  • Format of an organisational chart-This chart should include the company letterhead, your job position and those of your superiors and subordinates as well as all positions reporting to your immediate supervisor and to your direct subordinates.
  • Statutory Declaration- If you are unable to obtain an organisational chart from your employer, please provide a statutory declaration outlining the required information and the reasons why this information cannot be provided.

Evidence of Projects:

For the occupation of Management Consultant and Program or Project Administrator, provide the project list template as an evidence of project.

(Note: There is a change in criteria for certain General Occupations and any reviews and reassessments submitted after January 7, 2020 will be assessed based on new parameters only.)

Other Supplementary Employment Evidence:

Apart from the above, other supplementary employment evidence may include:
  • License or Registration documents and details of the requirements for obtaining the license or registration
  • Evidence of professional development completed during applicant's employment
  • Prizes / Certificates or other forms of commendation
  • Notice of establishment for employment in Iran
For any clarification or query with regards to the above Skill Assessment requirement changes, you may send your queries to Visas Avenue email id -

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