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US Immigration- the President Obamas Proposal to block deportations will now be ruled by the Supreme Court

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 21, Jan 2016

visas default image The Supreme Court has announced to rule the President Obamas proposal to block the deportation of over 4 million immigrants living illegally in US. The deportation of the illegal immigrants in US has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and the SC statement shall certainly raise new debates and discussions in this regard.

Obama sought a plan to remove criminals first and spare the Parents of the children staying illegally in the US

It was the Congress indecision over the amendment in immigration rules that derived Obamas decision to refer to his executive authority and alter the existing immigration policy to give some respite to the illegal immigrants staying in the US and whose kids have got the US Citizenship or PR. A program was looked upon to remove the criminals first, however, permit the parents of kids to stay and work in the US without the panic of exile.

Although, 25 states (mainly Republican led) including Texas, filed a suit to abolish the program. Consequently, federal district judge in Brownsville, Texas, discontinued the program in February, 2015, the verdict sustained by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans.

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