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Trump’s Travel Restriction Orders likely to help Canadian Tech Industry in hiring foreign Skilled Workers

Posted - 31, Jan 2017

Canadian tech industry is likely to benefit from Trump’s latest Travel restriction orders. They will now be able to hire best foreign talent, which otherwise would have gone to US. The tech executives in Canada are now planning to take advantage of this situation in terms of recruiting highly skilled and talented workers from overseas.

Political chaos of US may become Canada’s gain

The IT startups and established organizations in Canada are looking to capitalize on the political chaos in the USA. They see it as an opportunity to recruit the talented software engineers and other professionals from overseas, which in normal scenario would have gone to US.

The Canadian industries especially the ICT industry is already facing a tough competition from the top organizations in the world in terms of hiring overseas talent. And with the new immigration orders by Donald Trump the things certainly move in favor of Canadian industries.

Trump’s new immigration order- a whole new political chaos

Donald Trump- the new US President recently issued an order to temporarily ban entry of travelers from sever countries with Muslim majority. The refugees were also put on hold for entering in US. The ban orders will impact the travelers from countries, i.e. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, and Libya.  The green card holders may also get affected with the decision. Though, the order may involve exceptions in case of Green card holders depending on the specific cases.

Many IT firms in US may get affected by this new order. The several tech leaders including the CEO’s of Uber, Apple and Netflix have criticized the decision taken by the Trump administration. About 100 Google employees may also get affected with this new announcement.

Canada is facing Skill shortage of IT Professionals

Canada is facing the skill shortage of IT professionals especially, programs, and the skill needs is expected to rise up to 200,000 in next three years. The IT professionals usually get attracted towards US for finding IT jobs. However, with the new immigration orders, Canada may get fair share of top IT talent. Several tech employees in US have also shown interest in Canada immigration and PR after the US presidential elections, as they were already expecting the restrictions like this.

Canada may ease immigration rules to attract top IT talent

Canada may further ease the immigration rules to hire the top IT talent from overseas. Hence, if you are an IT professional or worker looking for immigration to Canada, you have best chance to apply for the same at now. Canada is as it is an advanced nation with strong economy, fast growing industries, and incredible infrastructure that works as the perfect alternate option for US immigration.

So, if you plan to move to Canada, get your immigration file prepared fast with the support of a best Canada immigration consultant to enhance your chances of getting selected for Canadian visa.  If you seek advice or assistance with regards to Canadian immigration or permanent residency, you may send your inquiries to the expert at email id- [email protected].


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