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South Australia has started a campaign to draw more Youngsters in 2018

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 07, Feb 2018

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The key Australian state, i.e. South Australia (SA) has started a new campaign to lure youngsters in the state from various parts of the world. Last year’s campaign was successful too as more young individuals visited SA in 2017 compared to the year prior to that. Australia is top choice for immigrants looking to move to abroad for study, business, and tourism or to explore the professional opportunities. The DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), every year receive thousands of visa applications from aspirants of immigration all over the world.

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South Australia is looking to invite more young people

For last couple of years, state of South Australia is looking to invite more and more youngsters in the country, especially, tourists and working holiday makers. In 2017, Australia about 134,000 young people travelled to SA as young foreign travellers and working holiday makers with a rise of 5.1 percent compared to year before that. This year also, Tourism Australia is positive about encouraging more young people to visit Australia.

As of now most of the youngsters who visit Australia prefer moving to popular destinations, i.e. Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, etc. However, Tourism Australia wants them to travel to regional parts of the Oz as well. A key News channel associated with Tourism Australia, i.e. Aussie News Today as part of campaign to attract youngsters, exploring the options for young individuals in South Australia, i.e. wildlife and coastline features.

Places for Lifetime Experience available across Australia

As per the MD of Tourism Australia, multiple breath taking experiences available to the youngsters and holiday makers in different parts of the Australia.

According to John O’Sullivan, Tourism Australia managing director, there are life changing experiences available to young travellers and working holidaymakers across the length and breadth of the country. Hence, the TA wants the youngsters to discover and enjoy the beauty of Australia particularly in regional Australia and get to know as to why Australia is best place in the world to visit and explore. Ministry of tourism also emphasized the need of attracting and inviting the youngsters under 30 years of age to Australia.

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