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Significant Growth Observed in the number of Indians taking Canadian Citizenship in 2018

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Dec 2018

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In 2018, fifty percent more Indians took the citizenship of Canada compared to last year. These statistics are from January to October month compared for the both years. This is quite interesting statistics shared by Canadian government with TOI. This indicates as to how the permanent resident in Canada are now taking their PR status to next level and ending up being a citizen of Canada.

50 percent Increase in the number of Indians taking Citizenship in Canada

In the period of January to October (ten months), about 15,000 Indians got citizenship in Canada, which was 50 percent high compared to the statistics of last year in the same period. In the calendar year of 2017, total 9,992 Indians (by birth), got citizenship in Canada, while the whole year data for 2018 is still awaited. Once data for whole year is released, we possibly see a new record created for the people from Indian origin taking Canadian citizenship.

As far as total number people received Canadian citizenship ( as per country of birth), Philippines leads the tally with 15,642 Pilipino getting Canadian citizenship from January to October 2018, while India is at 2nd position with 15,016 , followed by Iran (7,921) and China (7,609).

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Rise in total number of PRs becoming Citizens

As per the statistics shared by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a total of 1.39 lac people with PR status became Canadian citizens between January and December this year. Out of the total number, 11 percent of them were Indians. In last few years, the liberal government of Canada has made it easy for the skilled and talented people from overseas to get permanent residency in Canada, as a result the number of people obtaining permanent residency has also increased tremendously in last few years.

Get permanent residency in Canada in 2019

Obtaining permanent residency in Canada is first step towards the Canadian citizenship. To become a citizen of Canada an individual need to be on permanent residency status for first few initial years and then only he can apply for citizenship. Canadian government has designed different immigration programs to allocate permanent residency to the skilled and talented people from overseas. Canada has annual immigration target for 3, 30,000 for the year 2019.

Express Entry System of Canada is the premier program among all that has invitation target of nearly one lac per year. For the year 2019, it has annual invitation target of 89,900. If you have plans to get permanent residency in Canada in 2019, this is the perfect time to prepare your file for the most appropriate program through a genuine and registered immigration consultant for Canada. Visas Avenue is top and accredited Visa Consultancy Firm in India specialized in Canada immigration process.

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