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Immigration News

Saskatchewan PNP draw on January 2022

  • Rajneesh Kumar
  • 13 January, 2022

Canadian province Saskatchewan conducted first Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) draw of this year on January 12, 2022 to invite candidates under ISW (International Skilled Worker) - Express Entry and OID (Occupation in Demand) sub-category. The SINP draw has opened after the gap of almost two months, as the previous draw occurred on 18 November 2021.

Find out more details about this latest invitation round.

Latest SINP draw on 12 January

In the draw held on 12th, Saskatchewan issued 37 ITAs (Invitations to Apply) for provincial nomination under ISW- Express Entry subcategory, while 67 candidates received invitation under OID (Occupation in Demand) sub-category of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). The minimum score requirement was 68 points for both the subcategories.

SINP -ISW Draw on 12 January 2022

Date of Invitations to Apply


Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate to Apply

Total Candidates Invited


Other Factors

January 12, 2022

Express Entry





Invited Candidates had ECA


Occupations in-Demand









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The province issued ITAs to the applicants with ECA (Educational Credential Assessment and experience in 6-targeted occupations.

In this invitation round not every occupation received the invite. The occupations selected and are eligible for the EOI selection on January 12, 2022, have the following NOC codes: 3211, 3234, 4151, 3216, 3143, and 3215.

SINP- Express Entry and OID subcategories

Under the ISW (International Skilled Worker) - category of SINP, there are two most popular subcategories, i.e.

  • SINP- Express Entry- To apply for this subcategory, you require having the profile registered in the federal EE System. If you are able to get nomination through this stream, you become eligible to get 600 CRS points in your express entry account.
  • SINP- Occupation in Demand- This category is for the applicants who do not have profile registered in federal EE system; however, their occupation is there in the SINP in demand occupation list, with no job offer.

To apply for Canadian PR visa in 2022 through most appropriate PNP, you may contact trusted Canada Migration Expert at Visas Avenue on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-77. You may also send us an e-mail at -

- Rajneesh Kumar

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