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Record 320,000 Immigrants came to Canada last year- Expectations are high this year too

Posted - 30, Sep 2016

As per the latest report, over 3, 20,000 immigrants came to Canada last year. It’s the record number since 1971 when the actual record-keeping started. This immense statics ensured that it get the total increase of 33.3% compared to prior year when 240,844 immigrants came in the country. This has been the fastest growth in immigration numbers in last few decades. To be precise, in the year past to July a total of 320,932 newcomers landed in Canada.

The influx of Syrian Refugees that started in November last year has also been the key reason of this immigration increase. As per the last estimation, Canada accepted 30,862 refugees and thousands are in waiting.

The Government plans to further increase the Immigration level in Canada

The Immigration Minister John McCallum has announced in his different statements that the government plans to enhance the immigration levels in future in order to combat the challenges emerged by the way of ageing population in the country.

Though prior data is not precisely comparable, however it is still being believed that the current immigration upsurge in Canada is the largest in last one century. As per the report, Canada’s total population increased by 1.2 percent in the year to make it a total of 36.3 million.

All major Canadian provinces received huge number of immigrants

Prior to last year, the earlier record for newcomers in the country was 270,581 immigrants, which was achieved in the year 2009-10.

All major provinces of Canada received a record number of immigrants, i.e. New Brunswick, Alberta, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

The immigration levels almost doubled in the Atlantic Provinces, where the ageing population issues are severe. Among all, Ontario received the largest immigrant share, i.e. 37.3%.

Government’s Immigration Target for 2016 is close to 300,000 immigrants

The government has a target of 300,000 immigrants for the year 2016. This is the reason that government has announced to substantially increase the immigration in the country. It also claims that it is getting such receiving the positive reviews and suggestions in this regard.

Right time to apply for Canada Immigration.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada for a long time, this is the time that you should take action and prepare your file fast for Canada immigration. Canada has already invited a huge number of immigrants last year, and as per the Immigration Minister of IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada), government is also planning to invite a huge number of immigrants this year as well. So, don’t miss the chance this time around and prepare your immigration file fast under the expert guidance.

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