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Re-opening of the Non-Contributory Parent and Other Family visa

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Oct 2015

visas default image From 25 September 2014, the following visa subclasses in the Family Stream of the Migration Programme are open to new applications:

Onlynewapplications will be accepted for these visa subclasses. If you lodged an application for one of these visas after 2 June 2014 and before 25 September 2014 this application is still invalid and cannot be accepted by the department. You will need to re-lodge your application. Why it has been re-opened by the government The ordinances that closed the non-contributory Parent and other Family visas on 2 June 2014was subject to a refusal motion in the Senate on 25 September 2014. This movement was successful and therefore the closed visas were reopened without giving any second thought. The current waiting times for these visas Waiting times have increased for these visas based on the limited number of places available and the number of applications received. The current waiting times for these visas are:
  • Non-Contributory Parent Visa approximately 30 years
  • Carer Visa approximately 4.5 years
  • Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative approximately 56 years.
In case you have applied for one of the related visas before they closed on 2 June 2014 If you have applied for a Non-Contributory Parent and Other Family visa before 2 June 2014 (date of the closure) your application will continue to be processed under existing regulations and policy. For the 2014-15 programmed years, 1500 places have been allocated to Non-Contributory Parent and 500 places to Other Family. As a result, you can now expect to wait approximately 30 years for a Parent or Aged Parent visa, 4.5 years for a Career visa and 56 years for an Aged Dependent Relative or Remaining Relative visa. Certain eligible dependent family members, such as a partner or dependent children can be added to an existing undecided application. It is essential to allocate the evidence of the relationship, including dependency. If the Parents cannot Immigrate on a Parent Visa Because of the Family Test The Balance of Family (BOF) test is an unbiased neutral test drafted to appraise a parents link to Australia compared to any other country. This assessment demands applicants to denote that at least half of their children are legitimate and an everlasting resident in Australia or, alternatively, more of their children reside lawfully and constantly in Australia than in any one single country overseas. All applicants must meet this requirement to be granted a parent visa and it cannot be waived, even in compelling or exceptional circumstances. It is also not possible for the department to make a subjective assessment of the closeness of a parents ties with their children. Therefore, the nature of your relationship with your family members cannot be taken into account for meeting the BOF test. Read more


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