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Quebec Revised the Selection Point grid for Skilled Workers

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Mar 2017

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Canadian Province Quebec has done some key changes in the point grid of the Skilled Workers applying for the provincial nomination for permanent residency. These key changes have been made to provide value to the French language skills and to endorse the enhanced professional and community collaboration. The amendments were focused mainly towards the Education level and Area of Training parameters of the applicants.

Key Amendments made in the Selection grid

Here are the key changes introduced in the points selection grid of the skilled workers:

  • Qualifying score in the selection grid, as well as the cutoff score for employability have been increased.
  • No extra points to the applicants with vocational secondary or technical post-secondary education and the candidates in one of the areas of training in demand in the province
  • Points obtained for a few areas of training have been decreased

All the above mentioned changes are applicable to the applications received on March 08, 2017 and later and the ones for which first hand review has not been started till the mentioned date.

Assess your eligibility before applying

The applicants are advised to assess their eligibility for the program first before applying for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

Click here to confirm your chances for CSQ

New Area of Training List Revealed for Skilled Workers

The Quebec government has also published the new Area of Training List for the selection of the foreign skilled workers. This list is application w.e.f. March 08, 2017.

The Area of Training List is the key part of selection process of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The QSWP is the only immigration program in Canada that gives high importance to the area of training of the applicants and allocates points also based on the same. The idea is to review the candidates based on the highest probability of their economic success in the province of Quebec. The new Area of Training list shall include various courses of studies, which will offer the crucial immigration points to the applicants and their de facto partners for the their training or diplomas, etc. obtained outside or inside the Quebec province.

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) - A key Pathway for Canadian Permanent residency

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is the crucial pathway for permanent residency in Canada. It assesses the candidates on various parameters and provides the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the candidates qualifying the criteria. Though, knowledge of French will now be the key criteria, however, the candidates without French language skills also get selected in the QSWP in large numbers.

The QSWP may soon open for the first application intake of this year. You may get in touch with a reliable immigration consultant for Canada to confirm the process and apply under expert guidance. For further assistance with regard to new guidelines of QSWP, you may send your queries to


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