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Point Based Immigration- How it will Impact the US immigration Policy?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Mar 2017

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The US President Donald Trump has raised a new debate with his recent statement during his first address to the Congress. Immigration Policy of the USA has been in news and discussion for last couple of months. The recent immigration ban by President Trump on immigrants from few Muslim nations, created a huge roar and chaos worldwide. It not only influenced the immigrants, but also the top Multinational companies in the US, which employ vast number of foreign employees. The decision was also criticized by several political leaders, intellectuals, and business icons in and out of America.

What is Merit or Point Based Immigration?

The new debate about Merit-based Immigration, raised by Trump is actually making some sense to few intellectuals and experts. President Trump has given some valid reasons for considering the Point based immigration system for the United States of America. Lets find out this point based system actually function.

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The point based immigration is a system for allowing people with right skills and experience in the country. Point system allocates the points to the visa or immigration applicants based on their Age, education, work experience, language ability, etc. The high ranking profiles based on their point score, will be selected for the relevant visa categories. This system is already in place in Canada and Australia. President Trump also mentioned the immigration model of these countries while addressing the congress.

Immigration Policy of the US is expected to be Lenient

With the introduction of new Point based immigration system, the immigration policy of the USA is also expected to be lenient to some extent. As of now immigration and immigrants are being seen with suspicion by many in the USA. However, once the point based immigration system is launched, only people with high skill and experience will be able to make it to the USA.

Hence, their significance or value to the USA will be proved before even moving to the USA, hence, nobody will be in position to question their selection or entry to the US. The immigrants will then be seen as the talented professionals, who have proven their worth and importance for the country well in advance.

Strict Immigration Rules may get curbed with New Point Based System

As of now there is no set criterion to evaluate the significance of an immigration applicant for the US job market. Hence, US Immigration Department has imposed several strict immigration rules and guidelines for issuing the green card visa or H1-B visa to the overseas skilled workers.

However, once the immigrants are selected with a proper point based system, they will also be evaluated as the future permanent residents of the country. And once they have been assessed already for the permanent residency in the USA, immigration authorities will have no major concern in issuing the green card or other such visas to the applicants.

However, whether or not the immigration policies or rules are eased, one thing is sure that with expected immigration reforms and visa rule changes, professional advice and assistance from trusted Visa Consultancy Services is going to be vital for Immigration to USA, in the years to come.


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