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"Continue bringing newcomers to Canada" - Canadian PM emphasizes in new Supplementary Mandate Letter

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, Jan 2021

visas default image The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has emphasized on key ministerial responsibilities that were set out in your 2019 mandate letter, which includes continue to bring newcomers to Canada safely to drive economic growth of the country in its latest Supplementary Mandate Letter to Mr. Marco Mendicino- the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada.

This letter supplements the Mandet letter that Prime Minister Trudeau issued to Mr. Mendicino in December 2019. The letter focuses on the measures and plans to deal with the pandemic and government's commitment to facilitate immigration to Canada through various pathways.

It also endorses and reiterates the Immigration level plan 2021-23, which is going to invite record 401,000 newcomers in 2021.
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Key Primacies highlighted in the Supplementary mandate letter

Find below the key points outlined in the new letter from the Canadian PM:

  • Continue welcoming new immigrants to the country safely to enhance economic growth and recovery, as lately established in the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. It includes expanding pilot programming, continuing to support accelerated family reunification and continuing work on sectoral and regional pilot programs.
  • Continue to impose methods that create pathways to Canadian PR Visa for those, who have provided health care in long-term care homes or medical facilities or accomplished other essential services during the pandemic.
  • Continue working with the fellow ministers in health sectors to safeguard the health and safety of the countrymen via safe, responsible and considerate management of the border with the US and other ports of entry into Canada.
  • Continue exploring pathways to Canadian PR and citizenship for TFWs (temporary foreign workers).
  • Continue operating with provinces and territories to support top-quality settlement services and expedite the successful settlement and integration of newcomers in the country. This comprises continuing to support French-language training while respecting provincial dominion and complementing existing procedures, supported by the Minister of EODL
The supplement letter clearly indicates Canada's commitment towards easing the entry of immigrants and facilitating the family reunification in the country.

The year 2021 is likely to be a great one for Canadian immigration looking at the massive annual immigration target and plans and preparations of the government to welcome skilled people into the country under economic immigration programs.

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