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Minimum CRS score Requirement- Just 300 points in latest AINP Draw

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 13, Jun 2020

visas default image Alberta province of Canada has revealed the results of the most recent AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) - Express Entry stream draw occurred on 27th May 2020. This latest AINP draw invited the candidates with CRS score as low as just 300 points.

The AINP not only one of the most active Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada, but also the one that invites the candidates even with relatively low point score.

AINP draw on 27th May

In the 27th May draw; Alberta invited 148 express entry candidates with a minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score requirement of 300 points. This is the second time in a row Alberta has invited the candidates with such low score.

AINP- Express Entry Stream Draws in May 2020

Date of draw Number of Notification of Interest (NOI) Letters sent CRS score of a lowest-ranked candidate who received an NOI letter
May 27, 2020 148 300
May 13, 2020 191 300
Total Invites in May 339

With this latest draw, now Alberta- EE stream has issued 1,746 Invitations in ten AINP- express entry stream draws occurred this year. In the month of May 2020, Albert open two AINP draws and issued 339 invitiatons.
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AINP CRS Score Requirement in 2020

As you can see in the graph above, Alberta is one of those PNPs that invite the candidates with relatively low CRS score.

Hence, if you are an express entry applicant with low point's core, you have option to apply in the AINP and get the provincial nomination.

The nomination received from AINP add 600 additional CRS points in your express entry account. Thus, it becomes easy to get the Invitation to apply for Canada PR visa from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada in your Express Entry account.

To apply in AINP or any other relevant Provincial Nominee Program this year, you may call Visas Avenue immigration expert on Toll-Free Number- 78-18-000-777. It is a trusted Immigration Consultant for Canada. Moreover, to get your eligibility checked and receive a call from the expert, you may fill the free assessment form.


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