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Is your CRS Score good enough to get ITA for Canada PR in 2016? Find out

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Oct 2016

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Will I be able to immigrate to Canada this year? Is my CRS Score high enough to receive ITA in 2016?

Well, these are the most common questions bubbling in the mind of every Canada PR applicant registered on express entry system at now. The CRS Score requirement or qualifying marks announced by IRCC (immigration refugee and citizenship Canada) are quite unpredictable, which often give rise to all such questions full of curiosity and eagerness. Lets try to find out answer to your questions in this post and determine,

Is your CRS Score good enough to get ITA this year?

Well, this is not an easy question to answer for sure. However, we can analyze the express entry draw trends to guess the upcoming IRCC draw results and hence, your chances of your receiving ITA this year.

The Express Entry draw results this year had been quite volatile this year. Though, the qualifying marks remained higher side most of the time throughout the year.

Positive trend observed in last few EE Draws

After April, 2016, the qualifying marks for express entry draws have remained above 480 points most of the time till the last EE Draw (October 19, 2016). Though the declining pattern was visible in last few draw, however the draw on October 19th, 2016 (22nd draw of 2016) broke all the past records and issued 1804 PR invitations to the selected applicants, which was highest number of invites ever.

So, whoever has been following the EE Draws this year, can understand the mood and intentions of IRCC for the future draws.

What is your CRS score? And what is probability of getting ITA with the same?

Well, based on your CRS score, lets try to predict your chances of getting ITA this year.

CRS Score between- 465-480

Well, based on the ongoing trend, in case your CRS score lies between the above mentioned point range, your chances of getting ITA are bright. You can consider your chances of getting ITA as excellent.

CRS score between- 450-464

If your CRS Score is between 450-464, your chances of getting ITA in 2016 are thin, however, you should remain positive for the year 2017, as qualifying marks may come down to this range next year. Though, there is no guarantee of the same. Meanwhile, you may also look to improve your profile score by gaining more experience, adding qualification, or increasing language proficiency level.

CRS score below 450

Well, with point score below 450, you hardly stand any chance of getting ITA this year. The next year as well your chances of receiving ITA for PR visa are very slim. Hence, instead of banking upon express entry, try to apply in Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which often considers the candidates with low CRS Score as well. You can also look to improve your CRS score by enhancing your profile by the way of increasing language proficiency, adding more experience or qualification, etc.

How to Get Best Assistance for obtaining Canadian PR visa?

It is always good to apply under expert guidance, as whenever you get stuck during the process, the experience of a reliable visa consultancy service can come healthy.

The Visas Avenue is the registered and reliable Immigration Advisory Company that helps several applicants every year to obtain their desired PR visa in Canada. Visas Avenue provides you key suggestions regarding improving your profile or applying in alternate programs to acquire faster PR for Canada.

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