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Indian Immigrants Choosing Canada over America- Latest Trends Indicate a Paradigm Shift

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Oct 2018

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In past few decades, mighty USA had been the first choice of the immigrants all over the world. With its top liveable cities, outstanding infrastructure, multiple career opportunities, US has lured millions of immigrants in last few years. However, in last one decade a clear paradigm shift is being observed by the experts, as a result of which, Canada has emerged as the new hot favourite of immigrants. Let's try to understand this new wave.

Immigrants preferring Canada over US

The skilled workers often move to a country where they not only get the assurance of their stability and residence status, but also find multiple career opportunities. Unfortunately, in last few years, US has not been able to meet all the expectations of the new and existing immigrants in the country. The US government led by President Donald Trump has taken several steps in last few months, which were not in the good taste of the immigrants. Forget about newcomers, some of his announcements, even made the existing immigrants in US, concerned about their status in the country.

Canada is emerging as perfect alternate to USA with its thriving tech sector

The Tech Sector of Canada is thriving consistently in last couple of years. With many tech giants planning to shift their base to Canada from US, it is expected to further groom in years to come. Today, a huge number of skilled and talented professionals and workers in India are exploring the employment and career opportunities in Canada instead of USA. As per a recent report, the tech job searches in Canada from India have boomed significantly in last few months.

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In last couple year, the online job search in Canada, steered from India has raised by 13 percent, as per Indeed- the popular employment search website. On the other hand, the employment search in USA has dipped by nearly 10% during the same period. This drop in search has been diverted to Canada for obvious reasons. Canada's proximity to US, makes it perfect alternate immigration destination for the immigrants seeking skilled visa abroad. The website largely focused on the job search in US and Canada from India. The most searched occupations have been as follows, i.e. business analyst, software developer, web developer, data scientist, Java developer, software engineer and data analyst.

H1b Vs Canada PR

While USA is making its H1B visa regulations tougher with every passing day, Canada on the other hand is welcoming the skilled and talented people with open arms. It's needless to mention, how rapidly Canadian tech industry is going to thrive in years to come with best and brightest talent making its way to Canada in bulk. As the H1B rules are tightening consistently, Canadian PR visa remains the best option for the skilled immigration aspirants, as it has much relaxed rules and requirements.

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