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Incredible Start of the year for Visas Avenue- Vast Number of Clients received Invite for Canada Immigration

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 08, Mar 2017

visas default image March 6, 2017, New Delhi, India- The leading Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company Visas Avenue is having a gala time at the moment as they have achieved an incredible success on the immigration applications of their vast number of clients in the start of the New Year. The year 2017 has been remarkable for the popular Visa Consultancy Firm in view of raining ITAs for the visa applicants, who applied for immigration to Canada, through their firm.

Excellent Start of the 2017 for Visas Avenue

The year 2017 has been quite exceptional for Visas Avenue Immigration Consultancy till now. Visas Avenue specializes in Canada and Australia immigration and it received great success on the visa applications submitted for both the countries. Particularly, a huge number of Canada immigration applicants received invitations in view of reduced qualifying marks by the Canadian government. Let’s take a look. Also Read- Fabulous February for Visas Avenue Team- Significant Number of ITAs & Submissions Achieved

Huge number of applicants received invitation for Canada Immigration

The liberal government of Canada has eased the immigration process and immigration rules in Canada in last few years. Visas Avenue being the leading Immigration Consultancy Company for Canada, keeps an eye on each process change and immigration guideline to suggest the best immigration program to the applicants. Visas Avenue makes Canada immigration process absolutely smooth and trouble free for a huge number of applicants applying for visa through it.  Let’s find out how clients of Visas Avenue have got the success on their applications vide different Canada immigration programs and pathways.

Success on SINP applications

Visas Avenue clients, i.e. Sandeep Sapru and Mithlesh Kaushik received the invitation from Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), which makes them eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 
SINP Invitations
Manmeet Singh
Tanish Mathur
Sushma Thirumalai Dharia
Navneet singh
Sameeksha Mishra
Nidhi Thakur
Pramod Chaudhary
Ram Babu Ikruti
Sunny Malhotra
Sandeep Sapru
Mithlesh Kaushik
Suchir Mathur
Vikas Bakthula
Ankush Sud

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Ontario Nominations Received for Canada Immigration

In the month of January only, about six Visas Avenue clients received nomination from Ontario province in Canada and hence, go the ITA despite
Client Name Client CRS score
Mudit Sharma 405 + 600 (Ontario)
Rachit Goel 432 + 600 (Ontario)
Shruti Jain 408 + 600 (Ontario)
Nidhi Narula 401+600 (Ontario)
Gaurav Vij 400+600 (Ontario)
Vivek Antonio 443 + 600 (Ontario)
Sarita Pundir 400 Above + 600 (Ontario)
Tabish 400 Above + 600 (Ontario)
Maxwell Thottungal 400 Above + 600 (Ontario)
Ramandeep Singh Rattan 400 Above + 600 (Ontario)
Hemant Joshi 400 Above + 600 (Ontario)

Success on Express Entry Applications

A huge number of Visas Avenue clients received ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian permanent residency through popular Express Entry System. Visas Avenue every year helps hundreds of clients to register on the Express Entry System of Canada, and vast number of these clients got ITA this year in view of reduced qualifying marks from IRCC.


Express Entry Invitations Received in the Mont of February, 2017

Client Name Client CRS score Case Manager Client Service Manager
Ankit Maheshwary 451 Ruchika Sharma Ashwani Singh
Reena Sehrawat  452 Ruchika Sharma Mohini Gupta
Ankit Mohan Ahuja 468 Kanika Manchanda Neeraj Kumar
Rachit Sethia 450 Geetanjali Bharadwaj Resham Aggarwal
Rohan Malandkar 455 Geetanjali Bharadwaj Resham Aggarwal
Vijay Kumar 441 Kirti Chauhan Neeraj Kumar
Yash Joshi 441 Kanika Manchanda Mohini Gupta
Rohan Sehgal 460 Mrigya Shah Mohini Gupta
Ravikanth Thota 444 Shivangi Arora Rashmi Sinha
Pavanrao Maratha Jagtap 443 Geetanjali Bharadwaj Juliet

Memorable March for Visas Avenue- 19 Invitations received for Canadian PR

ON the draw occurred on March 1, 2017, about 19 Visas Avenue clients received invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency from IRCC, as the qualifying marks went down to 434 points or more. It was an incredible achievement on the part of Visas Avenue for receiving success on the applications of so many clients in a single draw of express entry.

Client Name Client CRS score Case Manager Client Service Manager
Anand Balashanmugam 438 Geetanjali Bharadwaj Promita Deb
Naman Chaturvedi 436 Geetanjali Bharadwaj Gopal Krishnan
Deepak Gupta 436 Ruchika Sharma Ankita Gupta
Gopika Rajappan 438 Ruchika Sharma Reetu Antony
Richa Dudani 437 Ruchika Sharma Anjali Venugopal
Tanvi Verma 475 Ruchika Sharma Resham Agrawal
Abhinav Kalyanasundaram 438 Mrigya Shah  Ashwani Singh
Sneha Oswal 475 Mrigya Shah Resham Agrawal
Preeti Sharma  435 Mrigya Shah Neeraj Kumar
Aditya Bhushan  435 Sahil  Vij  Mohini Gupta
Shivani Singhal  465 Sahil  Vij Resham Aggarwal
Renu George  435 Sahil  Vij Reetu Antony
Shipra Anand  440 Sahil  Vij Mohini Gupta
Gaurav Arora  443 Sahil  Vij Promita Deb
Rohith Ajay 438 Kirti Chauhan Promita Deb
Durgesh Gidwani 435 Kanika Manchanda Namrata Gupta
Ramandeep kaur 438 Kanika Manchanda Promita Deb
Hitesh kumar sakkerwal 439 Kanika Manchanda Ankita Gupta
Ankit Mohan Ahuja 435 Kanika Manchanda Neeraj Kumar

Looking to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency in 2017?

If you are also looking to apply for Canadian PR in the year 2017, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue -one of the most trusted and efficient Immigration Consultancy firm for Canadian immigration process. To contact the immigration expert at Visas Avenue you can drop an email to


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