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How Trumps win in US Elections will affect Immigration to Canada?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 10, Nov 2016

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Donald Trump of Republican Party will be the 45th US President as he has defeated his Democratic opponent and other key Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in the most controversial, closely fought, and talked about US Presidential Elections ever. After Trumps Presidential win the experts have started speculating its impact on the world scenario. Since Canada has strong ties with America, people are also trying to speculate the impact of Trumps Presidential win on Canada, especially on Canadian immigration. So, lets find out,

How Trumps win in US Elections will affect Immigration to Canada?

Donald Trump had been the most controversial US Presidential candidates during the elections, in view of his disputed remarks and bold statements especially, against immigrants to USA. Hence, it is obvious that Trumps future immigration policies will not only affect America, but various other countries of the world as well.

How Trumps win affect immigration in USA?

Donald Trump during his several campaign speeches has shown his intentions to slash down immigration in USA to safeguards the interests of Americans. He also announced to take steps against illegal immigration in USA especially, from Mexico and other such countries.

Hence, USA, which already narrowing his doors for immigrants, may further strict its immigration policies under Donald Trump.

How Trumps win affect immigration in Canada?

Donald Trump has his critics as well in USA. Hence, a huge group of Non-Trump supporters had plans to leave America, if he wins. Most of these Trump critics were willing to immigrate to Canada in case Trump wins the election. As Donald Trump going to be the new US president, the immigration influx from US to Canada is expected to rise significantly in coming days. Hence, the government of Canada or must get prepared to receive huge number of immigration applications from the US.

Immigration to Canada from different parts of the world may increase

Canada is known for its soft immigration policies, and if the USA plans to strict its immigration policy to reduce immigration in the country, the immigration applicants may divert their applications to Canada as its the next advanced country with similar culture, infrastructure, job opportunities, etc. Canadas proximity to US is also a key factor that may lure many immigrants to apply for immigration to Canada.

Hence, win of Donald Trump in US elections may have double impact on Canadian immigration. And in next few months, we may see the considerable upsurge in immigration applications to IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship in Canada).

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