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How Immigration Scenario will Change in South Asia, after Trump as US President?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Dec 2016

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South Asia is the most crucial region of the world. The things happening in Indian sub-continent often impact most of the advanced countries in the world, one way, or another. Now, when it comes to immigration, South Asia always remain the talk of the town with a huge number of people from South Asian countries, immigrating to the various advanced countries of the world, i.e. Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand, and so on.

Advanced countries too have a fair bit of immigrant population from South Asia, i.e. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.

Immigration Scenario after US Elections

A huge population from South Asian counties lives in America. Moreover, every year tens of thousands of people from the Indian subcontinent move to USA on different visas, i.e. Work visa, Student Visa, Tourist visa, Business Visa, etc. However, things have changed a lot after Donald Trump’s victory in recent US presidential elections.

Donald Trump is known for his anti-immigrant policy, which he has revealed frequently during his election speeches. It is visible that a particular section of society is not happy with the election results, and hence, the people who belong to this section already finding ways to immigrate to other countries, especially, Canada. The immigration website of Canada also crashed during the US Election night, as a huge number of Americans visited the site in search of Canada immigration pathways.

How Trump’s Presidency will affect immigration in South Asia?

Now, when US election results have impacted the immigration in US and neighboring countries, how can South Asia remain untouched by the heat of the event? The US immigration aspirants who earlier had plans to immigrate to US shall search for the alternate destinations for immigration. Especially, the people in Muslim countries of South Asia may avoid immigration to US under Trump’s presidency, in view of his election speeches, when he advocated the ban on the entry of Muslims in the USA.

The aspirants from countries India may also look to move to Canada, Australia or New Zealand as these countries had also been the next favorite immigration destinations for the Indians. So, what it means is immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. may increase after the US elections, given that European countries have no more remained welcoming to international immigrants in last few years. Brexit is the live example of the wave in Europe against immigration.

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