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How Can I Move to Canada was recorded as the top Google Search

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 04, Mar 2016

visas default image The keyword ‘How Can I Move to Canada’ recorded as the top Google Search by the Google, just after the Trump’s Super Tuesday Victories in the US presidential elections 2016. Although, it’s still a long way to go for the announcement of final results, however, the initial positive results in South Carolina, Nevada, and Iowa favoring Donald Trump, have certainly raised the buzz in the web world.

how can I move to canada

The ‘Trump Effect’ on Google Search Results
There was an unprecedented unrest observed among the Americans as they sense the potential win of Donald Trump in the ongoing US Elections for Presidency. This unique unrest has possibly caused the tremendous upsurge in the keyword, i.e. ‘How Can I Move to Canada’. As per Google Data Editor Simon Rogers, at first the search was raised to 350%, but gradually it reached it recorded the whipping rise in the interest among the people and the search raised to 1150%.

Why the search raised so high?
Well, this sudden upsurge in the keyword ‘How Can I Move to Canada’ shows the hidden fear among the Americans about the presidency of Trump. This fear among the people, perhaps, has arisen in view of Trump’s fiery statements against the Muslims and immigrants coming to the US, during the election campaign. Although, such statements are usually given in elections, to mainly attract the voters only.

How to assess the situation for immigration to US or Canada as an Indian?
Well, if you are an Indian, you have the situation to assess. If you wish to migrate to the USA, however hesitant to see the whole buzz, you need to be patient and keep an eye on the situation. It’s nothing like that the immigration in the US will be shut, if Trump becomes the US president, instead it’s just a panic creeping among the people in view of his personality and bold statements.

Moreover, as the search trend suggests, if you are also planning to move to Canada, it will still be an equally good choice, as the Canada is a wonderful country with powerful economy, flexible immigration policies, and outstanding infrastructure, job options and facilities.

What you must do?
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