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Demands are being raised to relax the Family Visa rules in Australia

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Sep 2016

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The demands are being raised that the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) of Australia should relax the Australian family visa rules. It is being said that the government should strike a balance between the skilled migration and family reunification.

FECCA Raised Concerns over Family Visas not being given Importance

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) has raised concerns over Family Visas are not being treated as important, whereas, all the importance is given to Skilled visas. To make the situation worse government’s independent research body, i.e. ‘Productivity Commission’ has submitted a report saying that the fees for parent visas must be significantly increased.

As per the Chairperson of FECCA, Joe Caputo, the implications of the report have not properly considered the significance of family reunification for Australia. Ignoring the advantages of family reunification may result in system being completely tilted towards the skilled migration only.

Report from ‘Productivity Commission’ has overlooked the social & cultural aspects of family migration

Caputo further added that certain recommendations of the report by ‘Productivity Commission’ are centering around the financial objectives only whereas, cultural and social aspects of the family migration have not been taken in to account.

The report from the Productivity Commission has suggested that the government need to amend the permanent parent visa program and the amendments must include the substantial increase in the parent visa fee. The other key recommendations include tightening the eligibility requirements to non-contributory visa, along with published parameters to control the applications for these visa categories.

The report has also suggested that the Government need to mull over lowering the caps for contributory parent visa alongside launching the new more flexible temporary parent visa, which offer extended rights of residence.

Strict existing Family Visa Conditions

As of now, the government has got the strict family migration conditions. As per the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), there is 30 years waiting time for the for the parent (non-contributory) visa applications. Moreover, the wait period for the remaining relative and aged dependent relative visa applications is up to 50 years. The fee for contributory parent visa is considerably higher than non-contributory visa.

The family reunification is necessary in terms of allowing the immigrants in the country to maintain family relations and ties. It is also connected to basic human rights along with the rights that an Australians have to stay with their families.

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