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Canadians Consider Immigration in the country constructive as per the Latest Survey Reports

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 29, Oct 2016

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The latest national survey report has revealed that Canadians consider immigration in the country as constructive and beneficial. This is quite a positive outlook, especially, when there is lots of negative sentiments are rising in the western countries about immigration.

Canadians considered Immigration crucial for Countrys economy

The survey in this regard was conducted by Environics Institute for Survey Research in coordination with Canadian Race Relations Foundation. The survey has revealed that 8 among the 10 Canadians consider that immigration is crucial for the economy and growth of the country.

The survey also revealed a few key findings, i.e. about 58 percent Canadians dont agree with the fact that immigration level in the country is high. While the 65 percent of the people showed the satisfaction over the immigration control measures to prevent the entry of criminals in the country.

The survey was done after the revelation of the immigration statistics of last year. In the last year liberal government in Canada allowed 320,932 immigrants in the country including about 31,000 refugees which was the record in itself. Out of the total number of refugees accepted in Canada this year, about 25000 refugees were airlifted by Canada. The gesture was appreciated worldwide, especially, when many of the European countries announced to shut their doors for refugees.

Anti-immigrants sentiments in Western World didnt affect Canadians Opinion

The researchers expected that rising anti-immigrants in Europe and America may give rise to somewhat parallel sentiments in Canada as well; however, they admitted that they got surprised to see the contradictory trends in the survey results. The outlook in this regard is either steady or enhanced in last 12-15 months said Keith Neuman the Executive Director of Environics Institute.

Almost half of the Canadians supported Canadas Refugee Intake this year

Almost 50 percent of the Canadians consider that accepting 31,000 Syrian Refugees in the year 2016 was acceptable number. Whereas, 1 in the 10 people said that Canada should accept more Syrian Refugees. On the other end, about 36 percent said the number of accepted refugees this year was way too high in view of ability and resources of the country to support high number of refugees. The expressed the fear of adverse affects on the Canadians in view of limited resources.

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