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Canadian Government to Implement Key Changes in its Citizenship Law

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, May 2016

visas default image The Canadian government will soon implement the key changes to its Citizenship Law. The bill for citizenship is known as C-6. This bill will be the main focus of the new liberal government of Canada of their legislative plan. The government is likely to reverse the changes made by the earlier conservative government. Let’s take a look at the key features of the upcoming citizenship law change.

  • The Citizenship Bill is likely to pass on July 1st – The Canada Day
The new bill is likely to get passed on the 1st July, 2016, which is happens to be the Canada Day as well. The planned changes in the bill may include repealing of the disputed rule that allows the government of Canada to terminate the citizenship from dual citizens, who are found guilty of several criminal activities.
  • The law likely to reduce time that PR need to stay in Canada to apply for Citizenship
The new law is likely to reduce the time for which the permanent residents require to stay in Canada to become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. It may also allow the applicants to count their temporary status in the total time requirement of 3 years. This positive announcement is already being welcomed and praised by the new immigrants, overseas students on Canadian study permit and temporary workers looking to get PR in Canada in long term.
  • Intent of Living and Language Proficiency Rule to be Revoked
The proposed changes in the citizenship law are expected to remove the intent of living and language proficiency rules based on the applicants. The changes will include the 3 out of past 5 years for physical presence in Canada and the applicant will be allowed to count every day of their provisional status in Canada.

However, the time spent on provisional sentence won’t be allowed to count towards the physical presence. Moreover, the government will have the right to seize the documents if they are used for fraud or deception. It will prevent the false applicants from applying for the citizenship status.

It’s the ideal time to apply for permanent residency in Canada

The present time is being considered as the most ideal time to apply for permanent residency or immigration to Canada. The government has either revoked several strict immigration rules and laws or planning to revoke them in the interest of the immigrants in the country.

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