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Canadian Government is preparing the Immigration Plan 2018- Immigration Figure may go beyond 300,000

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Oct 2017

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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigration and permanent residency. Hence, annual immigration target of Canada always remains the most discussed news across world media. Canadian immigration system allows the immigrants in the country through different immigration programs, i.e. skilled worker program, family reunification program, and humanitarian programs, i.e. refugees and asylum seekers.

Canadian Annual Immigration plan

The government prepares a comprehensive immigration plan every year to decide through how many channels immigrants and refugees will be allowed in the country and in what proportion. This whole plan is known as Canadas Annual Immigration Plan. Canadas annual immigration remains the talk of the town in view of huge number of immigrants every year welcomed in the maple leaf country through lenient immigration policy of the government.

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As per this years plan, i.e. immigration plan 2017, about 300,000 immigrants will be invited through different immigration programs of Canada. The total immigration is also expected to remain significant in the year 2018 as well.

Preparations for Immigration plan 2018

Government is in process to finalize the annual immigration plan for the year 2018. Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen had consultations few days back across the country with regards to presentation of annual immigration level plan in the House of Commons by November 1st 2017.

While preparing the immigration plan for 2018, the liberal government is focusing on luring the overseas talent in view of global competition for the same, along with allocation of applications for family reunification and refugees and asylum seekers in the country. As per Mr. Hussen, Canadian immigration system shall continue to focus on providing economic opportunities to all along with ensuring the health and safety of the countrymen. The system is based on efficiency and compassion, and hence, it has been recognized and praised by the international community as well.

It must focus on Upcoming challenges

The immigration plan of Canada must focus on the upcoming challenges, i.e. skill shortage, ageing population and burden on infrastructure, etc. the government must plug the gaps and strengthen the infrastructure across all the provinces to make certain that increase in immigration influx wont affect the resources and facilities for the people.

Canadian governments advisory Council on Economic Growth had advised the government to enhance the immigration levels to 450,000 by 2021 to encourage the economy and deal with the aging population issue that has aroused due to the low birth rate in the country. The Skills andImmigration Policy for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce also suggested that government must target the skilled immigrants for the highly in demand occupations in the country.

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