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Canada reduced Family Reunification processing time to 12 months from 24 months

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 14, Dec 2016

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Its a good news for many aspirants of Family sponsored visa for Canada. The federal government of Canada to reduce the family reunification processing time to half, irrespective of the fact whether you are applying for family visa inside or outside Canada. Lets find out more about the key announcement made by the Immigration Minister in this regard.

Family Reunification time is reduced to half

Last week, in Brampton, the Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum announced the governments plan to cut the family reunification processing time in to half, i.e. instead of 24 months, it will now be 12 months only. As per McCallum, the government wants every family sponsored visa applicant on the same boat and hence, no two-tier policy has been planned in this regard. The processing time will be the same for each applicant irrespective of his/her place of submitting application.

Family Reunification has always been matter of precedence for the Liberal Government

The changes announced with regards to family reunification are the part of countrywide discussion and consultation process from the government in order to make essential changes to the existing immigration policy of Canada. The same was committed in 2015 election campaign by the Liberals. Moreover, the family reunification has always been a matter of great precedence for the Liberal government of Canada.

Speeding up the Family Class Immigration was part of Liberals Election Campaign Promises

It is important for the family members, i.e. children, wife, husband, etc. to reunite with each other in Canada without any extended delay caused by procedural things, confirmed by McCallum. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to make the key changes in family reunification process to speed up the family class immigration, in Brampton only, hence, the announcement in this regard has been made at this place only, said John McCallum.

The government has invested $25 million to employ more staff in order to speed up the family reunification process. However, the new rule or processing time will not compromise with the essential background security checks, with regards to criminality, security and health, by any means, stated McCallum.

McCallum further confirmed that the applicants will still be invited on first cum, first served, basis and hence, the priority will be given to those family class applicants, who are already in queue. The language used in the forms and documents has also been changed to simplified English language from the complicated English that can confuse the applicants.

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