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Canada Immigration- Things to Do within the First 15 Days of Your Stay in Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 13, Jan 2016

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Canada is a wonderful country that attracts thousands of immigrants in the country every year. The Canada also shares a special connection with India in view of cultural exchange via Indo-Canadian Community in Canada. A lot of people immigrate to Canada from India to work, do a business or to get settled permanently. However, in order to immigrate to Canada, you must do your homework and prepare for certain things in advance. Lets find out a few key things, which you need to do within 15 days of your stay in Canada.

Things to perform in Canada within first fortnight

  • Apply for a SIN: Applying for a SIN (Social Insurance Number) is the first thing you would be looking to do as soon you arrive in Canada. You wont be able to work in Canada without SIN.
  • Look out for immigrant-serving organization: Find out the key institutions in your city or territory involved in immigrant induction and settlement in Canada and confirm about the services they can provide you or the assistance they can offer in terms of settlement in Canada.
  • Look out for Communication Mediums: Find out the various sources of accessing the internet or making phone calls, etc. Also keep in mind the emergency numbers for medical or other emergency in Canada, i.e. 911.
  • Know your Locality: Make efforts to know our locality, i.e. city, territory well. Arrange a map or walk around to find out the key services, shops, places, etc.
  • Provide your Address to CIC: You need to provide your address to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). They need to know the address to send your PR card via mail. The address can also be provided online.
  • Health Insurance Card: Applying for the health insurance card of the government is essential. The HIC permits you to get funded health care facilities in Canada. Apply for the same as early as possible.
  • Canadian Bank Account: Its quite necessary to open a Canadian bank account in Canada once you arrive here. The bank account may be required for various purposes, i.e. receive any government benefits or getting the salary transferred in the account etc.
It is advisable to get an Assistance from a Reliable Immigration Consultant for Immigration to Canada
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