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Canada Immigration- A Short Introduction to Canada for the New Immigrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Dec 2015

visas default image When it comes to immigrating to a right country in order to establish careers, business or pursue academic education, Canada is the obvious choice for most of the people across the world. There are several reasons for Canada being first choice for immigration, among many advanced nations. Canada not only provide the magnificent infrastructure, job opportunities, and living standards of the people coming here, but also ensures smooth and hassle free immigration in the interest of the thousands of immigration applicants every year.

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A Brief Introduction to Canada

If you are also one of such immigration applicant, we are providing you a brief introduction of Canadian Government, Provinces, and Economy through this article, to make you better prepared for immigration to this incredible country.

The Canadian Government

There are three levels of Government in Canada, i.e. Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

  • Federal Government: Based in Ottawa, the federal government deals with the various national and international matters, i.e. Defense, Foreign Affairs, Taxes, Banking, etc. It is headed by the Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Provincial Government: the provincial government in Canada manages the public lands in the province, and amends the laws, etc. Education, health care, etc. are its key responsibility areas.
  • Municipal Government: The Municipal government governs the municipalities, i.e. district or town and responsible for public transportation, parks, fire protection, libraries, local police, etc.
Canadian Provinces & Territories

The capital of Canada is Ottawa city. Ten wonderful provinces and 3 vibrant territories form Canada as a country. All the provinces in Canada have their own capitals too. All the provinces and territories of Canada are segregated in to 5 major regions.
  • Central Canada: The Central Canada includes the provinces, Quebec and Ontario
  • West Coast: The British Columbia is located in the West Coast of Canada
  • Atlantic Provinces: The Provinces, i.e. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador are the Atlantic provinces of Canada
  • North: The Northern region of Canada includes, Yukon Territory, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories
  • Prairie Provinces: The Provinces, i.e. Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are called the Prairie Provinces
The Northern region has relatively low population in view of cold weather conditions, whereas the Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Southwest British Columbia has most of the country’s population.

Official Canadian Languages

English and French are the two Official Languages of Canada. In Canada, you will find all the documents, Federal government services and publications, etc. in these, two languages. Punjabi is the third major language in Canada and recently, it has become the third language in the Canadian Parliament as well.

Industries and Economy

Canada has three major industries, around which its economy revolves. You will find most of the jobs in Canada in these three sectors only.
  • Manufacturing: High Technology Equipment, paper, automobiles, aerospace technology etc.
  • Service Sector: Service sector includes education, healthcare, transportation, banking, construction, tourism, communication, etc.
  • Natural Resources: Mining, Agriculture, forestry, fishing, etc. are significant job creators in this industry.
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