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Canada to review the Express Entry System to Help Businesses Invite more immigrants in Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 14, Apr 2016

visas default image Launched last year, Express Entry System of Canada has been admired and praised by various countries as one of the best point based immigration systems in the word. However, there were a few criticism heard too in view of its strict regulations, responsible for slow migration and underachieved immigration target last year. Hence, recently, the new federal government in Canada has given signals to review the current express entry system to make it more flexible and accessible.

Government wants to make Express Entry beneficial for Businesses in Canada

As per the latest announcement by the immigration Minister, the government is planning to review the Express Entry system, so that it can be made the best option for the businesses or employers in the country to invite the overseas skilled workers in Canada. It is in fact, preparing to design a program, which can fast track the permanent residency in Canada for skilled workers from foreign countries. This step from the government will certainly help the cause of Canadian businesses looking to hire foreign skilled workers.

Objectives of the Express Entry System

The Express Entry was launched in January 2015 by then federal government with the idea to fast track the entry of foreign skilled workers seeking permanent residency in Canada, i.e. within six months. It was also intended to fulfill the needs of Canadian Labour Market. However, now, the need is being felt to make it more flexible, popular, available, and advantageous to the businesses looking to invite immigrants in Canada.

Government plans to make Express Entry helpful to foreign Students seeking Canadian PR

As per the immigration Minister, government also has plans to review the EE System to make it beneficial for the international students looking to get PR in Canada, once their graduation is completed. It may also consider allocating additional points to the students under Express Entry System. The overseas students in Canada are one of the best sources of immigration in the country, as they not only get the degrees under Canadian education system, but also become familiar with the culture, communities, and job market in Canada. And all these things really matter and benefit the new immigrants in any country.

The other key thing government considering is to remove the LMIA requirement under the Express Entry system.

It’s the Ideal time to Apply for Canadian PR under Express Entry System

In view of ongoing announcements to make express entry flexible for immigrants and ideal immigration policies of the new liberal government in Canada, it’s the perfect time to apply for the permanent residency in Canada through Express Entry System.

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