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Canada Considers providing a pathway for PR to Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW)

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 22, Aug 2016

visas default image In a recent announcement at Edmonton, Alberta, Immigration Minister John McCallum revealed that the government mulls to find a way-out for Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) in the country. The government in fact, looks to provide a pathway for PR to the individuals, who apply in the program.

Government Wants Temporary Foreign Workers to Stay in Canada

As per the immigration minister, the temporary foreign workers are hired usually for occasions, however, wherever feasible, the government wants to give them an option and facility to stay in Canada, become permanent residents, and raise their families here as well.

The earlier conservative government was in a fix in terms of taking decision about temporary foreign workers, as it first allowed them in the country and later on blocked their way in the country.

Government asks for Suggestions

Though the government is inclined to offer pathway for Permanent residency to TFW, however it has not taken the final decision on this as yet and hence, open for the key suggestions in this regard. On August 18, 2016, the Immigration Minister had a discussion with the local companies at Edmonton and subsequently, addressed the media on this issue.

The Policies of previous Government led to the fall of TFW requests in Canada

The earlier Harper Government made the rules for TFW program stricter in view of rising scandals at that point of time in order to drastically reduce the number of low wage overseas workers entering Canada through the relevant program. A cap was introduced on low wage temporary foreign workers of 10% of the workforce and penalties imposed too as a result of violation to the same.

This led to the drastic fall in the Temporary foreign worker (TFW) requests from overseas in Alberta and other provinces of Canada.

The government looks to implement flexible policies for TFW programs

The Member of Parliament from Edmonton said that it is essential to have the flexible policies for the TFW program particularly, for the sectors, i.e. food and beverage, care giver, etc. and hence, the pathway to PR or Citizenship is vital.

As per the McCallum, he is getting suggestions to enhance the number of permanent residents in the country from limit decided for current year, i.e. 300,000. Hence, the declaration on the immigration and the probable changes in TFW program may come about in the fall this year. The country surely needs more immigrants in view of ageing population and shortage of skills.

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