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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison retains his Office After winning the re-elections

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 20, May 2019

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Side-lining all pre-poll speculations and assumptions, Scot Morrison has won the re-election on 18th May 2019. All leading polls of the country were predicting his defeat and indicating that Labour party will win the elections first time in last six years. However, his conservative coalition confronted all experts to come out as the wonder winner.

Scott Morison won the re-elections

Defying all odds, Scott Morrison holds on to power and retained his office as the Prime Minister of Australia, after winning the re-elections. In his Victory speech, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison praised "the quiet Australian" who voted for him to prove all predictions wrong. He said, "Tonight is about every single Australian who depends on their government to put them first. And that is exactly what we are going to do."

He further added,"It has been those Australians who have worked hard every day, they have their dreams, they have their aspirations, to get a job, to get an apprenticeship, to start a business, to meet someone amazing,"Morrison is leading with 77 seats, while only 76 are required to prxove majority and subsequently claim for the formation of government.

He said. "To start a family, to buy a home, to work hard and provide the best you can for your kids. To save for your retirement. These are the quiet Australians who have won a great victory tonight!"

Significance of 2019 Elections in Australia

This Australian election is significant from many aspects. Although, Australia organise elections every 3 years, however, in view of bickering rampant, no government served the full term since last twelve years, i.e. since 2007.This is worrisome political instability in any country to go through. Mr. Morrison has successfully lead the coalition between his Liberal Party and its old ally- the National Party for 9 months, since he replaced the ex- Australian Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull.

The election campaign of Mr. Morrison was focused primarily on the economic issues. The recent surveys indicated that the key issues for the voters were, economy, cost of living, environment and health etc., while young generation has showed the disappointment about lack of affordable housing as well as regarding the climate change etc. issues.

What will be the impact of Election results on Australia's Immigration Policy?

Australia's immigration policy has been a mixed back in last few months. Under ex- Prime Minister, Australia took some strict decisions to make the immigration process streamlined, although, some of these decisions didn't go well with the aspirants and applicants of Australian visas.

However, after Mr. Scott Morison took over as PM, some Immigration changes have brought good news for the aspirants of Australian permanent residence visa through point based GSM program. Last month, the government announced key changes in Australia's point based immigration system,which will allocate some extra points to the applicants based on the fact if they have a skilled spouse or no spouse or de facto partner, or has a STEM education, etc. These changes will be applicable with effect from November 16, 2019.

Hence, considering all the above aspects, under Mr. Morrison's government, the immigration policy of Australia is expected to be more or less stable and positive.

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